Hi, I'm using VSS to rotate news in my site. Having a tall block, i would like to display 2 nodes at once: is it possible?

#99 Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 5.00.26 PM.png124.38 KBpdcarto
#65 demo.zip288.42 KBintyms
#65 slideshow-settings.png105.23 KBintyms
#65 script.txt2.72 KBintyms
#64 484960-multiple_slides-6.patch5.2 KBredndahead
#61 484960-multiple_slides-6.patch5.2 KBredndahead
#59 484960-multiple_slides-5.patch11 KBredndahead
#55 script.txt2.92 KBintyms
#55 slideshow-ouptut-missing-mainframe.png37.04 KBintyms
#55 slideshow-settings.png113.66 KBintyms
#55 views_html_output.txt5.83 KBintyms
#52 484960-multiple_slides-4.patch11.01 KBredndahead
#51 484960-multiple_slides-3.patch5.21 KBredndahead
#49 484960-multiple_slides-2.patch5.2 KBredndahead
#47 views output using unformated style.png62.94 KBintyms
#47 VSS settings.png136.87 KBintyms
#47 line 140.jpg30.91 KBintyms
#47 VSS error.png20.48 KBintyms
#46 484960-multiple_slides-1.patch4.85 KBredndahead
#45 views_slideshow.patch19.75 KBFatGuyLaughing
#43 views_slideshow_singleframe_fixed.zip4.66 KBrusmaz
#40 views_slideshow_singleframe.theme_.inc_.zip1.78 KBWolfgang Reszel
#40 views_slideshow_singleframe.views_slideshow.inc_.zip2.72 KBWolfgang Reszel
#34 views_slideshow_singleframe.views_slideshow.zip2.6 KBndwilliams3
#34 views_slideshow_singleframe.theme_.zip1.76 KBndwilliams3
#17 views_slideshow_singleframe_multipleitems.patch4.57 KBhades666evil
#15 views_slideshow_singleframe_multipleitems.patch4.45 KBhades666evil
#11 views_slideshow_singleframe_patch.zip1.77 KBhades666evil
#9 views_slideshow_singleframe_multiple_items_patch.zip4.09 KBhades666evil
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naught101’s picture

I'm also interested in this. I want to try to re-create this kind of effect: http://www.abpat.qld.edu.au/

At the moment, I can stack four images with a grid view, or I can display one with a slideshow. I figure I could also use minipanels to create a four column block to show four offset slideshows, but then I run the risk of having duplicates, since the views would all be separate, and wouldn't be able to check for uniqueness. Not to mention panels+views memory hit.

A "slideshow grid" would probably be ideal for me, and I guess that could work for you too upupax: a grid with 1 column and two rows.

a.luiz.n’s picture

i really need this...any help?

a.luiz.n’s picture

i'm using an attachment view with exactly the same setup as the block, applying it to the block and using sort criteria as the opossite....

is there a better way?

naught101’s picture

Title: Display more than one item at once » Display more than one item at once (grid/table)

I think this might be two (linked) features in one:
First, a normal slideshow, in which each slide is composed of multiple slides (like a mini-panel, or a mini-view?). On each change, all nodes displayed would change to another set

Second: a gridded slideshow, in which each panel is it's own slideshow, so that each panel can change at different times, and cycle between different sets of nodes. - ie something like a view made up of multiple slideshows. (this would allow something like the link which I posted above)

They would both be visually the same if the timer was set to go at the same time for each, which would probably be the default value. The second option may be overkill anyway...

Which of the two options do others want most?

upupax’s picture

I'm most interested in the first one..

a.luiz.n’s picture

i like the first one cause there wouldn't be repeated nodes.

naught101’s picture

Priority: Normal » Minor

As a work around: It's relatively easy to create a few nodes that have two parts, and then just use those multi-part nodes in a views slideshow.

This Feature request wouldn't add much to that approach. It would make it slightly easier to set up, but would give less control than the work around (because with the work around you can use specific css/tables/whatever to make the layout look exactly as you want).

On the other hand, it could be cool once Views_Slideshow gets a few more transitions to combine them in a grid - ie. you have two panes, the first one fades out, the other one slides across, and a third one fades in where the second one was previously.

redndahead’s picture

Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-2.x-dev

Moving to 2.x

hades666evil’s picture

Version: 6.x-2.x-dev » 6.x-2.0-beta2
Priority: Minor » Normal
Status: Active » Needs review
4.09 KB

I don't know it it's exactly what you wanted to do, but I've made some changed to the Views Slideshow: SingleFrame module so that it can display multiple items per slide.
Basically, it just adds an item_per_slide parametter (in views_slideshow_singleframe.views_slideshow.inc) and few changes in views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc

theres some changes in theses functions :
- theme_views_slideshow_singleframe_no_display_section
- theme_views_slideshow_singleframe_no_display_teaser
- views_slideshow_singleframe_views_slideshow_options_form

redndahead’s picture

Version: 6.x-2.0-beta2 » 6.x-2.x-dev
Status: Needs review » Needs work

Could you please make a regular patch and attach it. You can find instructions here: http://drupal.org/patch/create

hades666evil’s picture

Alors j'ai essayé de créer mon premier patch avec winmerge, voilà ce que ça donne (j'ai repris à partir de la version dev, du coup, je crois que c'est mieux pour les patchs)

redndahead’s picture

Next time please in english, I don't know french but I got the idea using a translation service.

That's close. There are some issues with it like line endings and such. Make sure it matches drupal coding standards also. http://drupal.org/coding-standards

I would follow this tutorial on how to install cygwin correctly as it produces better patches. http://www.lullabot.com/videocast/install-cygwin-windows-xp

Please don't get too frustrated with the steps I have you go through to submit a patch. It just helps you become a better drupal coder.

hades666evil’s picture

Sorry for the french, I've just forgotten to switch
For my next patch, I'll make it with the debian installed on my local serveur.
Thanks for the advises, I'll try to follow them.

intyms’s picture

thank you, subscribing...

hades666evil’s picture

I've updated my my patch to resolve some bugs (the slideshow did not appears if there was less than one full slide)
This time I've tried to use the diff command on debian and used a better syntax

redndahead’s picture

+++ views_slideshow/contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc	2009-11-10 20:11:27.000000000 +0100
@@ -51,10 +51,27 @@ function theme_views_slideshow_singlefra
+  //retrive the number of itmes per frame

should be: retrieve the number of items per frame

+++ views_slideshow/contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc	2009-11-10 20:11:27.000000000 +0100
@@ -51,10 +51,27 @@ function theme_views_slideshow_singlefra
+  for ($i=0;$i<count($rows);$i++) {

spacing: for ($i = 0; $i < count($rows); $i++) {

+++ views_slideshow/contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc	2009-11-10 20:11:27.000000000 +0100
@@ -51,10 +51,27 @@ function theme_views_slideshow_singlefra
+    if(count($items) == $items_per_slide || $i == (count($rows)-1) ) {
@@ -64,20 +81,28 @@ function theme_views_slideshow_singlefra
+  if ($slidecount>1) {

spacing: if ($slidecount > 1) {

+++ views_slideshow/contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc	2009-11-10 20:11:27.000000000 +0100
@@ -64,20 +81,28 @@ function theme_views_slideshow_singlefra
+  foreach($items as $itemcount => $item){

spacing: foreach ($items as $itemcount >= $item) {

+++ views_slideshow/contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc	2009-11-10 20:11:27.000000000 +0100
@@ -64,20 +81,28 @@ function theme_views_slideshow_singlefra
+    $itemclass = 'views-row views-row-'.$itemcount;

spacing: $itemclass = 'views-row views-row-' . $itemcount;

+++ views_slideshow/contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc	2009-11-10 20:11:27.000000000 +0100
@@ -64,20 +81,28 @@ function theme_views_slideshow_singlefra
+    if(!$itemcount){

spacing: if (!$itemcount) {

+++ views_slideshow/contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc	2009-11-10 20:11:27.000000000 +0100
@@ -64,20 +81,28 @@ function theme_views_slideshow_singlefra
+    $output .= '    <div class="'.$itemclass.'">'. "\n";

spacing: $output .= '

' . "\n";

Ran out of time for review and am not reviewing the functionality yet, but two word variables should be separated by an underscore and check your spacing in function names and in between "." in concantenation. Also for, if etc. should have a space between the "for" and the "(". Thanks for submitting a patch.

This review is powered by Dreditor.

hades666evil’s picture

This is a news version of the patch with the lastest dev (2009-Nov-06).
I've tried to follow your advises for the text formating.

BenK’s picture

+1 for this feature.... subscribing.

orbgasm’s picture

also subscribing. this feature would be fantastic.

unfeasible’s picture

Subscribing. This is fantastic!

rconstantine’s picture

Having trouble with this. I patched OK. Did it manually since the new dev came out after your targeted file.

Where does $slidecount get set? It's used in the function "theme_views_slideshow_singleframe_no_display_teaser", but isn't set there.

I set the view to show 3 items, but only two show up. And they don't rotate anymore. Ideas?

rconstantine’s picture

also, this doesn't seem to be right:


seems it should be:


if i output the value to the screen, i get what i set it to.

rconstantine’s picture

i'm getting a "too few slides" error, but i have like 20 nodes. does that help in debugging? the jQuery code is compressed it looks like, so I can't figure it out.

rconstantine’s picture

nevermind. set display to unlimited in the view. sorry. must have been carried over from the default view.

pdcarto’s picture

Re #4, there is a third case:

Third: A slide is composed of N slots like a gridded or list view. During transition, the content in the slots shift so that the content at position #1 is replaced by the content previously at #2 and so on through #N moving to #N-1, and a new item transitioning into the #N slot. For example, a news crawl.

SocialNicheGuru’s picture

How do I get multiple items to show up on the same slide?
is there a step by step?

I have three items.
I placed three in the 'items per slide"
but I only see one at a time

Edit- resolved by making the change in 27

SocialNicheGuru’s picture

I can confirm that correction from #22 is correct.

The change in the theme function:

I copied the theme function theme_views_slideshow_singleframe_no_display_section($view, $rows, $id, $mode, $te\
aser = TRUE) {

if (isset($view->display_handler->default_display->view->style_options["singleframe"]["items_per_slide"]) && ($view>display_handler->default_display->view->style_options["singleframe"]["items_per_slide"]>0)){
$items_per_slide = $view->display_handler->default_display->view->style_options["singleframe"]["items_per_slide"];

Any idea on how to make the scroll horizontal?

bluestarstudios’s picture

Does anybody have a step by step instruction on how to finally set this up and a final patch?

hades666evil’s picture

Yes I've made a mistake with the differents views displays management.
I've replaced the code to retrive the number of items per slide :

  //retrive the number of itmes per frame
  if(isset($view->display_handler->display->display_options["style_options"]["singleframe"]["items_per_slide"]) && $view->display_handler->display->display_options["style_options"]["singleframe"]["items_per_slide"]>0) {
    $items_per_slide = $view->display_handler->display->display_options["style_options"]["singleframe"]["items_per_slide"];
  elseif(isset($view->display["default"]->display_options["style_options"]["singleframe"]["items_per_slide"]) && $view->display["default"]->display_options["style_options"]["singleframe"]["items_per_slide"]>0) {
    $items_per_slide = $view->display["default"]->display_options["style_options"]["singleframe"]["items_per_slide"];
  else {
    $items_per_slide = 1;
kryptik’s picture

Curious what the difference between adding this feature and the views carousel module is? It seems like at the end of this thread with all the work, you will end up with the functionality of views carousel which already does "Multi-Item sliding", and supposedly stable. Would it not be possible to intergrate the very similar modules into an intergrated package?

It seems to me like views slideshow, carousel, and other javascript view effects should be combined to avoid duplicating functionality.

Perhaps I'm missing something?

hades666evil’s picture

I'm using view slideshow with differents plugins (singleframe, thumbnailhover and imageflow), so I prefer have only one plugin, loading only one jquery plugin (cycle)

SocialNicheGuru’s picture

any thoughts on howto theme so the layout is horizontal and not vertical?

BenK’s picture

Hey everyone,

Is there a new patch available that incorporates #17 and #29 into one patch? Will this work with the latest dev version?


ndwilliams3’s picture

patched files combining 17 and 29. Complete files, sorry not a patch! working perfectly! thanks for the patch!

gobioasis’s picture

working perfectly! thanks for the patch!

SocialNicheGuru’s picture

Can I specify which direction whether it will be horizontal or vertical?


ndwilliams3’s picture

There is not a way to specify horizontal or vertical now. I got it horizontal by setting fields to inline on the view and in CSS setting #the_block_id .views-rows {float: left; margin:0; padding: 0}.

Horizontal or verticcal could be achieved by adding a new admin form and adding an if statement to the theme function to change the div to span. If I have some free time, I will make the changes and submit a patch.

redndahead’s picture

Status: Needs work » Postponed

Postponing for a future release.

Wolfgang Reszel’s picture

Why not create a MultipleFrame contrib module?

Wolfgang Reszel’s picture

I've hacked the patch into the latest release (6.x-2.0). Seems to work for me.

izmeez’s picture


ajayg’s picture

Status: Postponed » Needs review
rusmaz’s picture

So, after start using this module, I have a trouble to show more than one item of news in slide. Find this branch of discussion and it helps me to fix the code such as I need.

In the last message by Tekl was applied code, but there is an error with controls (for me in version 6.x-2.2) so make some fixes, and all works, if someone need fixed code:

FatGuyLaughing’s picture


Although, I didn't look through the code to see if it was proper. I do know this much... It WORKED! :) Thanks for the patch. I will try to talk to redndahead and see what it would take to get it into the 2.x version. He's currently working on the 3.x version which will be for 7. Thanks again!

FatGuyLaughing’s picture

19.75 KB


Here are the changes that rusmaz made but in a .patch file. Hope to see it applied soon! :)

redndahead’s picture

Thank you for the patch. Here is an updated patch. Can you please see if this patch still works for you?

intyms’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work
20.48 KB
30.91 KB
136.87 KB
62.94 KB

i applied the patch from #46 to "VSS 6.x-2.x-dev" (2010-07-07).

the first thing i see is that the size of the patch from #46 is almost 4 times smaller than the size of the patch from #45.

attached you will see some files which may help:
1) vss error
2) the code from "views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc on line 140"
3) VSS settings
4) views output using unformated style

redndahead’s picture

I'll look it over. The previous patch had lots of changes that were applied after the zip file was posted that's why it's so large. I may be missing some things. So I'll look.

redndahead’s picture

Ok here is an updated patch.

intyms’s picture

tested the patch from #49.
I configured it to show 2 images per slide. Everything works well. Really, it's a very nice feature, thanks a lot!

Suggestions for improvment:

1) show images with a configured delay between them.
An example where the slides are appearing with a small delay:
2) show images randomly
randomize items after each rotation.
3) ignore empty fields
let's say that i have 9 nodes. and i configure to show "2 Items per slide".
Thus, 4 slides will contain 2 items and
the last slide will contain only 1 item.

It would be nice to use an item from previous 8 items to substitute the empty one.

Excuse me for bad english. I feel that it is hard to understant my ideas.
If you don't understand something, let me know, i will try to explain better. Thanks!

redndahead’s picture

This fixes an issue if there is only one slide.

redndahead’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review
11.01 KB

This one adds it to thumbnailhover. So this needs one final test with singleframe and thumbnailhover.

intyms’s picture

shall i apply the patch from #52 to the dev from 07/07/2010?

redndahead’s picture

I made a couple of commits today so there should be a new dev release coming out. But either one should work.

intyms’s picture

i have applied the patch from 484960-multiple_slides-4.patch
to the dev from 07/07/2010.

i get an error when i try to apply the patch to singleframe.
see the message below:

how_singleframe>"C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin\unix2dos" -v "X:\xampp-sites\elec
gl 484960-multiple_slides-4.patch"
unix2dos: Converting X:\xampp-sites\electronet\sites\all\modules\views_slideshow
\contrib\views_slideshow_singleframe\singl 484960-multiple_slides-4.patch

how_singleframe>"C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin\patch" --verbose   0<"X:\xampp-si
rame\singl 484960-multiple_slides-4.patch"
Hmm...  Looks like a unified diff to me...
The text leading up to this was:
|Index: contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.in
|RCS file: /cvs/drupal-contrib/contributions/modules/views_slideshow/contrib/vie
|retrieving revision
|diff -u -p -r1. views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc
|--- contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc
4 Jun 2010 03:52:24 -0000
|+++ contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc
9 Jul 2010 23:01:37 -0000
Patching file views_slideshow_singleframe.theme.inc using Plan A...
Hunk #1 succeeded at 82.
Hunk #2 succeeded at 121.
Hunk #3 succeeded at 136.
Hmm...  The next patch looks like a unified diff to me...
The text leading up to this was:
|Index: contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.views_sl
|RCS file: /cvs/drupal-contrib/contributions/modules/views_slideshow/contrib/vie

|retrieving revision
|diff -u -p -r1. views_slideshow_singleframe.views_slideshow.inc
|--- contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.views_slide
show.inc        7 Jul 2010 06:19:34 -0000
|+++ contrib/views_slideshow_singleframe/views_slideshow_singleframe.views_slide
show.inc        9 Jul 2010 23:01:37 -0000
Patching file views_slideshow_singleframe.views_slideshow.inc using Plan A...
Hunk #1 succeeded at 32.
patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line
Hunk #2 succeeded at 205 with fuzz 1.

Press any key to continue . . .

I fi ignore the error, and run the view, i see that the problem with "1 item inside of a slide" also occurs.

I set to show 2 items per slide.
As a result, views shows only breakout fields. Main frame is missing.
See attached file please to see more details.

redndahead’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work

ok it looks like it committed ok just some fuzz. Now it definitely doesn't look like it's working. I'll take a look at it after some sleep.


intyms’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review

ok, thanks to you too! wish you to have a good rest!

intyms’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work

sorry, changed the status by mistake.
reverting back to "needs work"

redndahead’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review
11 KB

Alright this one works, but I was thinking. Does this feature make sense for thumbnailhover? Are we going to group the thumbnails? I think the way this feature works it doesn't do well for thumbnails. Singleframe with thumbnails will work, because it will just pick up the first image and use that as the thumbnail.

Here is a patch that includes singleframe and thumbnailhover. But I'd like to hear if this should be added to thumbnailhover.

ajayg’s picture

-1 for support for thumbnailhover.
I agree it does not make sense to have thumbnailhover if you have more than 1 frame.

redndahead’s picture

And so here is a patch for just singleframe. Although I have tested it it needs a review again since I changed some of the logic.

redndahead’s picture

And so here is a patch for just singleframe. Although I have tested it it needs a review again since I changed some of the logic.

intyms’s picture

i also agree with ajayg

@#61 redndahead
something is wrong with the patch. I can't download it. Can you check?

redndahead’s picture

Weird probably explains the double post. Let's try again.

intyms’s picture

2.72 KB
105.23 KB
288.42 KB

@ #64 redndahead
Thanks for the patch.
I have 9 items in the slideshow.
I set to show 2 items per slide.
so, 4 slides are showing 2 items each.
And the last slide is still showing only 1 item.

See attached files please fore more details.

intyms’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work

the idea is to show 2 items istead of 1 item in the last slide.

redndahead’s picture

It's not possible with the way jquery cycle works. It would require another plugin. Since all it does is rotate through lists or divs there's no way for it to pickup the first item of the beginning div.

intyms’s picture

i see. Then the patch works as expected.

redndahead’s picture

Status: Needs work » Fixed


Longest list of contributors in a commit log that I've ever done. Thanks everyone.

dpatte’s picture

i saw this question asked a few times, and wonder with the latest patches if there is a new solution...

with SingleFrame, is it posible to make it horizontal, not vertical?

redndahead’s picture

You can float the divs in your css. That should work I think.

dpatte’s picture

Thanks, I'm not really a css person, can someone show me how to float the divs?

intyms’s picture

#72 dpatte
I suggest to study "firebug". Also see this page:
Working with CSS

Let me know your webpage address and i will tell you how to use float to align horizontaly your items.
Contact me better by using Drupal Contact form, since your problem doesn't relates to the scope of this issue.
Sorry for bad english.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

AlfTheCat’s picture


I am really interested in the patch you mentioned for having the slideshow align horizontally. Did you ever make one?

All the best!

jnettik’s picture

I'm also interested in the horizontal layout option. I've been playing with the float solutions suggested several times and no matter what I try to float, nothing works. Any suggestions?

jnettik’s picture

The problem I've found with the floating is that the module puts an inline width to the div that wraps all the images I want to be horizontal. It sets that width to the width of the largest image in my slideshow so there's not enough room for my slideshow to float.

intyms’s picture

can i look at your website?

jnettik’s picture


on the homepage the three sponsor image links at the bottom needs to be a slideshow that looks like they look now. as a temporary solution they just randomize on refresh.

intyms’s picture

I see what you are trying to do.
Please enable the slideshow on the page so i can test the new CSS settings. Thanks!

by the way, nice webpage !

jnettik’s picture

Ok it's turned on. The problem is the div that surrounds the three images of the slideshow. It has inline height and width that prevents the floating. I can't seem to figure out where it's drawing those numbers from or how to override it.

And thank you.

intyms’s picture

here's is the CSS code:

div.view-sponsor div.views_slideshow_singleframe_teaser_section {
  height: 100px !important;
} /*override the slideshow height*/

div.view-sponsor div.views_slideshow_singleframe_slide {
  height: 100px !important;
  width: 900px !important;
} /*override the slide height and width*/

div.view-sponsor div.views-row {
  float: left; 
} /*floating each row to the left*/
intyms’s picture

#75 AlfTheCat

I am really interested in the patch you mentioned for having the slideshow align horizontally. Did you ever make one?

This feature gives you the possibility to display more than 1 item inside of each slide.
The Horizontal or any custom alignment can be done through CSS.
Sorry for bad English.

AlfTheCat’s picture

Hey intyms, thanks, and what bad English? :)

Do you think the patch will still work with the current VSS version? Because I am interested in the display as mentioned as the start of this thread too :) Guess I'm a vss junkie.

intyms’s picture

#84 AlfTheCat
According to #69, the patch has been committed.
Also, when we look at views_slideshow 6.x-2.3 release notes we see the following new feature:
"Option to display more than one views row in a slide."
So, if you use "views_slideshow 6.x-2.3" you will be able to display more than 1 node inside of a slide.

jnettik’s picture

intyms, thank you very much. I always forget !important.

arne.olafson’s picture

Status: Needs review » Closed (fixed)

#37, How do I find the block id? What do I replace #the_block_id with?

arne.olafson’s picture

Status: Closed (fixed) » Needs review

#37, How do I find the block id? What do I replace #the_block_id with?
Anyone figure this out without using patches? I'm sure there are lots of people who would like to see multiple items scroll horizontally. I understand that the patches may work, but I'm on a shared server, and would genuinely appreciate anyone letting me know how to get a float:left; into the row style.

redndahead’s picture

webmayin no patches are required it's already in the latest version. If you want the block id you can look at the html that is printed and find the very top wrapper and use that id. If you have any more problems please open a new issue.

arne.olafson’s picture

Enable a Block view, enable the block in a page, and put this in your style.css:

#block-views-the_name_of_your_view-block_1 .views-row-even,
#block-views-the_name_of_your_view-block_1 .views-row-odd {
position: relative;
The left attribute is to make room for your buttons when you style them in.
Here is a link to a horizontally scrolling menu with linkable node attributes:

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Version: 6.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-3.x-dev

Has anyone looked at porting this feature to 7.x or 6.x-3.x? I need to display groups of 3 nodes in a slideshow, but since 3.x doesn't provide a pager without using fields, the way this feature works in 6.x-2.3 doesn't directly translate. Any thoughts? I suppose, that due to our timeline, I'm probably going to have to write the jquery by hand, but maybe if this isn't too difficult I can work something out.

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Eh, just realized I forgot to make it active again. Since this issue is so long, should I start a new one?

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It works the same way. There is an option to set how many slides to show per row. Look under advanced settings in one of the sections.

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Yeah, click on ""View Action Advanced Options"

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I don't see how to set up the slide item one by one. How to do this ?. What version of views_slideshow must be used ?

Thanks you for your help.

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For those who where wondering. For the D7 version the 'View Action Advanced Options ' are under the 'settings' page for 'Format' in your view settings. And is simply called 'Items per slide'

FYI (and also as a reminder to myself ;-) )

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What I'm struggling with is margin. Images come out glued to each other. When I try to add margin all but one of the images disappear.
I know that it relates to CSS rather than to this issue queue but couldn't find a better place to ask.
BTW, having a horizontal option within the module itself would be awesome

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When I try to add margin all but one of the images disappear.

Hello. I have not played with CSS for a very long time. But it seems to me that the disappearing is caused by a property of the parent container (i guess it's overflow property).
Look here

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I had just about given up all hope of finding this "View Action Advanced Options" everyone keeps talking about (7.x-3.x). It's on the settings form of your display style once you select "Slideshow". Attached screenshot may save you some head-scratching.

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#90, that works. However trying to make it responsive. That's another issue!

Anyone figured a responsive like fluid grid using views slideshow?.

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Please follow the steps and you can show more then one item from views using "views_slideshow" module :

1. Install this module https://www.drupal.org/project/views_slideshow_jcarousel

2. Create a views and use format as "slideshow"

3. In "Slideshow" settings select "View Action Advanced Options" and enter value for "Items per slide"

Problem solved. Cheers.

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