A menu with some "no link" element

Special menu items is a Drupal module that provides placeholder and separator menu items.

A placeholder is a menu item which is not a link. It is useful with dynamic drop down menus where we want to have a parent menu item which is not linking to a page but just acting as a parent grouping some menu items below it.

A separator menu item is something like "-------" which is not linking anywhere but merely a mean to structure menus and "separate" menu items visually.

Menu item container provide similar functionality.

Shane Thomas made a video about special menu item.


  • User can create a new menu item and place either "<nolink>" or "<separator>" to the Path field, without quotes.
  • "<nolink>" item will be rendered similar to a normal menu link item but there will be no link just the title.
  • You can change HTML tag used for menu item
  • "<separator>" item will be rendered to an item which is no link and by default title will be "-------".
  • Breadcrumb of "<nolink>" will be rendered same as "<nolink>" menu item.
  • CSS class "nolink" is added to "nolink" menu item.
  • CSS class "separator" is added to "separator" menu item.

Compatibilities with other modules

If you use module than require to output a link, go in /admin/config/system/special_menu_items and use <a> as the HTML tag. You can even use <a href="#"> if you need to.


This features is in core for >=8.2.0. Create menu without link by entering route: <nolink>.

For more information see #1543750: Allow menu items without path


D6 use "nolink" and "separator" instead of "<nolink>" and "<separator>" (without quotes).

The D6 code is not very clean. I do not have time to works on the D6 version. But I will commit patchs than was review and tested. If someone want to port the D7 way in D6 his more than welcome :).

Current maintainer

Simon Perdrisat (gagarine)

The maintainer can be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal consulting and development.

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