This is a new installation of Drupal from a GoDaddy account. I used their installation wizard through their control panel to install Drupal 6.8 and then ran the update.php to move to 6.9. The problem appeared in both versions, but I've only done deep research after the upgrade (since I assumed the upgrade would resolve everything). I've also reinstalled Drupal with the same results, and duplicated the problem in IE 7 and FF.

I have made no changes to the settings with the current installation. When I go to Create Content, Page or Story, the collapsable options do not appear. Input Format, Revision Information, etc, are all blank and clicking on them does nothing. When viewing source I do see the items that should appear in the collapsbile area.

In addition I get an error: "Object Doesn't Support this property or method" on line 6. Opening Microsofts Javascript debugger points me to // $Id: autocomplete.js,v 1.23 2008/01/04 11:53:21 goba Exp $ and flags the following code:

  $('input.autocomplete:not(.autocomplete-processed)', context).each(function () {
    var uri = this.value;
    if (!acdb[uri]) {
      acdb[uri] = new Drupal.ACDB(uri);
    var input = $('#' +, - 13))
      .attr('autocomplete', 'OFF')[0];
    new Drupal.jsAC(input, acdb[uri]);

So I decided to try disabling autocomplete to see if this would resolve the error. All it does is fail elsewhere. Now I get the same error, but on line 54 of // $Id: collapse.js,v 1.17 2008/01/29 10:58:25 goba Exp $

In that script, the following code is flagged:

  $('fieldset.collapsible > legend:not(.collapse-processed)', context).each(function() {
    var fieldset = $(this.parentNode);
    // Expand if there are errors inside
    if ($('input.error, textarea.error, select.error', fieldset).size() > 0) {

I've searched the forums but haven't found anything like this. Plenty of issues that are close, but nothing for a plain vanilla, brand new installation of Drupal. Any thoughts?


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I'm having the same problem with a site I've just transferred to GoDaddy. Drupal was up and running with another host. When I installed Drupal on GoDaddy and uploaded the files and database from the old host then the AutoComplete fails. This may be a GoDaddy configuration problem. I've tried different themes, but that makes no difference. I've also tried setting php to 4.x and 5.x with no results. If I get any info from GoDaddy support, I'll post it here.

It was the code. Once I set the site to live everything works just fine.

UPDATE: 1/19/2009
GoDaddy does not offer debugging help with Drupal. The tech I spoke to offered that this may be a permission problem and that I should look at .htaccess and php.ini Neither of those have provided a solution.

I have not set this site 'live' yet - I'm using their to configure the site first. After looking at the page source I found previewdns adds a lot of javascript to each page. This may interfere with Drupal's javascript. All the errors I'm getting are undefined functions in .js files

I found a page, , that describes how to disable Drupal 6.x error handling in a way that may let the scripts work, but the text of is different than what I have. If I get it reconciled, I'll post again.

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I had Views Slideshow, LightBox2, collapsible fieldsets, FCKeditor, ... all break after I uploaded to Go Daddy and viewed by site through the subdomain. It was weird watching the previewdns site throw Javascript errors while the exact same site (excluding the server environment) was running happily on my CentOS dev server. I was chasing this Javascript error rabbit like a crazy man...and I'm really glad the rabbit ran through this thread. Thanks to hutman975 I can now move on to other issues, and wait for the DNS changes to propagate.

Happy Drupaling,


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I have the same symptoms (although I don't understand the code enough to know if it is what illuminatus found with the debugger).
I am not on GoDaddy and I am live.
It worked fine not too long ago. The only thing I can think of is that I tried to upgrade TinyMCE, was pushed to WYSIWYG and that failed, and no TinyMCE doesn't work either. Someday when I have time I will try to reinstall TinyMCE unless someone has a better idea.
I have another site that works fine. That site never got the TinyMCE upgrade.

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I think I fixed it by uninstalling Lightbox2.
When I checked my site from Firefox Error Console, I saw:
$("#lightboxAutoModal").triggerhandler is not a function at line 1111
Since my problem was always at line 1112, this seemed a good clue.
So I uninstalled Lightbox2 and now all seems to be well!

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I posted a couple temporary workarounds to override GoDaddy's previewdns here:

Hope it helps.

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The problem I had was because of the jQuery update module. In that module's folder there is a misc folder with four .js files. If you only copy the jquery.js to your site's /misc folder, then a lot of jquery functions will stop working. One of which is collapsing tables. There are two solutions:

1) Copy all of the .js files from the module's misc folder and overwrite all the files in the modules folder. The way to tell if you have the updates for all versions is that the new .js files were made in 2008.
2) Copy the old jquery.js file back into your site's misc folder and disable the jQuery update module.

So to summarize, the problem is caused by having an updated misc/jquery.js file but the original misc/collapse.js file. Or possibly vice versa.