In the D5 version (IIRC) it was possible to set the background color to -1 which would be passed through to the rotate function and make the surrounding area transparent. This doesn't work in the current D6 version.
Here is a patch that re-instates that behaviour.

Of course, it's not very effective with just jpegs, but helps a lot with PNGs and the imagecache_actions pipeline.

Here's a patch which seems to do the trick, including a small explanation in the UI.
Without it, I can't do things like:


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(whoops, needed doc format to embed this sample img)

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could we just use an empty string? i'd be okay with an update function that checked the actions and migrated the values...

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Either is good.
I just saw that -1 was already established as the constant in PHP core docs, so didn't think it needed abstracting.

For most users, I'm guessing that pre-populating the form with #FFFFFF is desired anyway, and would be a UI help.
Consciously deleting it, with the effect being documented, would be OK and not create surprises.

More than anything, I just wanted a simple patch to avoid changing that code/logic more than was necessary. Which is not an excuse for not actually improving it :-)

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

i think you're right to leave white as the default but i'd prefer not to use -1, i think an empty value is much clearer to the user that they want no color.

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I tried this out and found I had to add:

imagesavealpha($image->res, TRUE);

before the final return true; to keep the alpha transparency. Does that seem right? First time I've messed with this image manipulation stuff, so a little unsure here.

Agree that an empty value would be better than -1: other imagecache actions use an empty value.

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Status: Needs work » Needs review
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I got some errors when I tried to apply this, and figured out it was caused by some internal imagecache property renaming: $image->res is now $image->resource. I edited the patch above and attached it (I also changed '-1' to empty as per above comments).

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I marked #434476: imagecache_rotate action produces jagged lines and black background as a duplicate of this.

Over on #422836: ImageAPI GD2 6.x-1.5 ignores crop background color setting I fixed and ImageAPI bug that wasn't passing the background colors through. The attached patch uses NULL as per the new ImageAPI release.

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

committed that to HEAD and DRUPAL-5--2. probably need to clean up the actions some more but that can be follow up.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Needs work

Hey, I'm using the latest Imagecache dev(2009-Oct-09) and this issue is still on it! I made sure that the patch was committed, but I'm still having black background on a transparent png when rotating.

Running Core D6.15

Anyone else still having this issue?

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Yes - still having this problem, have tried the above patch but didn't work for me? I might try an earlier version as the patch differs from the code I have. Weird as we had this working at one point and not sure how it broke...

working off imagecache 6.x-2.0-beta10...

Did you have any luck yet?

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some time ago I had the same problems... It was an error from the gd library... using different libraries results in different images, once with correct transparency once with a background...

the second thing was using jpg's.. I had to convert them to pngs first and then applying the rotation.

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Thanks for the advice snicers - when I checked the dupal settings for GD library it said there may be problems with image rotation. We will look at updating/reinstalling GD libs and see if that helps. I have been converting to PNG first but no change.

Thx - Kevin

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Issue tags: +ImageCache 3

Marking as ImageCache 3.x Todo.