I'm working on the site http://deleteTheBorder.org , a civicspace based site that is using lots of different features of drupal. I'm crazy about drupal, its awesome.

I recently started using the site for my personal blog. Unfortunately, there are two things I'd really like to change.

One is: is there a way to allow people to anonymously post comments only on blog posts? I don't want site wide anonymous posting. I just want comments for blogs.

Second is: how can I change the rss feed of stories to include an indicator if a story has more content and was truncated? I often see something like [...] for syndicated stories that have more info.



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comments for blogs only: go to Admin > Content, and set the default workflow for all content types; you can disable for everything but blogs, if you like.

truncation: this is included in Drupal now; it shows a "read more" link

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but i want comments on other article types, and just anonymous comments on blogs. can i do this?

also, for truncation, does the read more link appear in the syndicated text? i'm using 4.5, maybe i need to upgrade...