Good news! During the week of December 15, we're organizing a 5-day Fields in Drupal core code sprint at Acquia! The goal is to get CCK functionality into Drupal 7.

So far, Karen, Yves and Barry have signed up -- Karen and Yves are the main CCK maintainers, and Barry has done a lot of work on CCK as well.

To help us fund the sprint, please consider making a donation using the ChipIn widget on this page. We need money for airline tickets, hotel rooms, food and transportation. It would also be great to fly in a few additional people with extensive core and CCK experience.

I've tentatively worked out a budget of $7,000 USD, which covers flight, food and hotel costs for at least four people (Karen, Yves, and two additional people). Since Acquia is covering my travel expenses and allowing Barry to participate all week long, that gives us six people working on CCK-fields-in-core for an entire week. Any excess money will be used to add more people, or donated to the Drupal Association.

To guarantee that Yves and Karen can attend, Acquia is funding Yves' and Karen's hotel and airplane tickets if enough money can't be raised through donations. Acquia is also providing working space in our Andover office.

We'll try to allow people to participate in the sprint remotely, and provide a daily update on our progress. If you're interested and available to participate, join the Fields in Core group, enable e-mail notifications, and block time in your calendar between December 15 and December 19. We'll use the Fields in Core group to plan and to let you know how you can contribute and participate.

This sprint could be an important moment in Drupal's history, so we're counting on your help. Please consider making a donation using the ChipIn widget or help us raise funds by spreading the word. Hopefully, fields in core can be this year's Christmas present. Thanks!

Update, December 6: Four Kitchens is sponsoring David Strauss so that David can join us for the Fields in core code sprint.


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One way people can help move this along would be for others to step up and help maintain the current CCK issue queue so that Yves and I can focus on D7. Anyone who knows a little bit about CCK can help watch the queue, answer support questions, close duplicates and fixed issues, provide and review patches, add documentation to the CCK handbook and point people there -- everything possible, short of making commits, to keep the queue cleaned up.

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I dugg it

Daniel Saltman

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Hey guys. This might be a browser issue, but more people will probably donate if the buttons were viewable on the embedded widget. I'm on ff3 on windows and the buttons on the bottom are getting cut off making it hard to donate. Just an fyi. :) - work - personal

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I removed the height attribute and it's showing up for me okay now on FF3 / Mac. Try shift+reloading if it doesn't immediately appear for you.

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Still wonky in ff3 windows. Although it looks better in ie7! I messed with the embed code heights and widths with firebug and using the following makes it looks good for me:

<object height="250" width="250"><br/>
<param value="" name="movie"/>
<param value="always" name="allowScriptAccess"/>
<param value="transparent" name="wmode"/>
<param value="Fields%20in%20Core%20Sprint" name="event_title"/>
<param value="blue" name="color_scheme"/><embed width="250" height="250" wmode="transparent" allowscriptaccess="always" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" flashvars="event_title=Fields%20in%20Core%20Sprint&amp;color_scheme=blue" src=""/></object>

Hope that helps? - work - personal

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Replaced it with this... thanks!

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Looks great now in my browsers! - work - personal

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I am unable to see the chipin widget completely.

I'm on Mac Opera.

Sometimes something interesting appears on

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I tried to use it but it sent me to a paypal page where after putting my donation amount and logged in, I got an error saying I might have paid for something but wait to find out for sure.

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If people want to give feedback, see #265604: Fields in core.

webchick’s picture is where the work to date has been done on this issue, if other people want to pitch in and help. Barry has a Subversion repository at where you can investigate the current progress.

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I updated the work Barry did in his SVN to :
- sync with current CCK D6
- work with current core HEAD (code registry, hook_nodeapi, DBNG...)

Code lies in CCK HEAD branch, and can be grabbed using CVS (no tarball gets rolled for HEAD).
Of course, this is all highly unstable and experimental, will eat kittens, etc etc : DO NOT USE !

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Donations are welcome and everyone needs money but do not get me wrong -
in the age of internet and freely available video chats do we need "airline tickets, hotel rooms, food" to code together ? Must we sprint so much ?

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Yes, a lot of good work can happen on line but I really, really prefer live sprints. After attending and running both virtual and live sprints, there is a big difference to me, especially in terms of the length of time for group focus. I actually just wrote up a blog post about this last week. While focused on documentation sprints, I think much of it holds for other sprints too.

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If you think we're getting together to do this because we all wanted to be away from home for a week right before Christmas, you'd be wrong :-) In my case it will be my second week in a row away from home, right before the holidays when I have a million other things to do.

We've been working together via email and IRC for over a year now. But you can only get so much done that way and this is an enormously complex project, and we finally all concluded it just wouldn't get done without locking us all in the same room to hash things over and make it happen. And it won't get "done" even in one dedicated week of coding, but we hope this will allow us to get the major issues worked out and get the thing jump-started.

I was waiting for the magic coding fairy to come along and miraculously take care of it for us, but she never appeared :)

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I agree that there should be a way to emulate the face-to-face code sprint with online video and voice solutions but has anyone done research on this matter? I have seen plenty of online video chat solutions but all of them were high latency, unreliable and just completely unsuitable for any type of serious online collaboration.

Anyone out there knowledgeable about online video conferencing feel like hooking up with some adventurous Drupal devs to do some trials? :)

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I've worked in virtual companies and on virtual teams for years, and I've done code sprints. Video conferencing is no replacement for face-to-face. Being in the same room is simply more effective for solving hard problems.

- Robert Douglass

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... video is still mediocre at best. But, even with perfect video, the problem is focus. If we are together, away from home then this is what we do. We do not do anything else, but the one thing we are sprinting for. We are humans, the "being together" feelin aspect can not be downplayed at all. This is what makes a sprint a sprint -- look that other N guys came here just for this so I am dedicated myself as much as humanly possible. I hope this rambling explained it...

Edit: some googling found me this recent study "Videoconferencing More Confusing for Decision Makers than Face-to-Face Meetings".

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Drupal development: making the world better, one patch at a time. | A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.

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Video conference is not going to replace face to face collaboration any time soon.

And I think the money we must chip in is not that much if we all consider giving just a little bit.

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Great ideas using ChipIn to spread the news to raise the fund

Offline drupal api in iPhone

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I just hope you change the name from "content" to something else, because this confuses tons of people on a daily basis :x

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It's great to see "Fields in core" taking further actual steps toward final goals. Thanks to all who're committed.

So sad there's no similar "Views in core" effort..

"Creativity is knowing how to hide your resources" - Albert Einstein.

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If you're excited about fields in core check out the new AJAX Form Builder that Nate has developed. I really hope it makes into core because this would make Drupal 7 the killer release.

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I'll second that! - work - personal

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I just booked everything, and I'll be there the whole week.

Four Kitchens is paying for my travel. Please continue to "chip in" to support travel costs for other participants.

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chx is staying with me now, but I can still get a rollaway bed in my room for anyone wanting cheap accommodations. I'll have a car, and we can all travel to/from Acquia together.

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When this makes it into core, eventhough I won't write a single line of code for it after chipping-in at least I can think to myself hey I helped roll that patch ;-)

Lots of small amouts is what will help this sprint hit its target.


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This is an extremely worthy project to contribute to. Thanks to everyone for their work towards this so far and looking forward to see the reports coming out of the sprint!


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I think this post and the chipin widget should be more visible to the community
the post is the 3rd story of the front page and maybe not seen by some people

ONLY 100 people have contributed !!!
and I don't think only these 100 take advantage of Drupal's power !!!

Giving a few bucks should not be a big deal for anyone who is providing drupal services

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I removed the height attribute and it's showing up for me okay now on FF3 / Mac. Try shift+reloading if it doesn't immediately appear for you.

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It's Friday - why not promote this item on the frontpage to the top for the last days? "We" still need $ 1800 ... (and yes, i donated :-)

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The D6-survey revealed that a lot of people think it's vital that cck and views are incorporated in a new Drupal releases.
So put your money where your mouth is: CHIP-IN!

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"This event has ended"

and the button is greyed out...

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Is it still possible to donate? I just noticed this post...

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