I was under the impression that this module would allow for the breadcrumb to mirror the primary and secondary menu structure. So for example if I had:

Primary Menu
Games (nodes here would show as Home > Games > Node Title)
Shows (nodes here would show as Home > Shows > Node Title)

I do have pathauto installed and am using url aliases to redirect. Is this causing the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-

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Same behaviour on my side.

This module seams to be built to allow breadcrumbs with others than "navigation"' menu, but does not solve the problem on of "home" alone when node is displayed.

I found an acceptable solution when installing taxonomy_breadsrumb module in addtion to menu_breadcrumb module.

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How are your menus built?
I believe that menus work better if the menu item links to the node/n path, but if you construct a menu structure pointing at aliases, some things don't work so well. It can be done, but isn't always.
The first method is the default if you built menus bys editing the menu field in node edit forms, the second situation can occur if you used the admin/menu instead.

This is just a guess - I don't know about this module actually.

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I'm having a similar issue.

and have both aliases and node/###'s as urls in my menu.

in my Primary menu I have for example:

- volunteer
- become a member
- etc

- newsletter
- publications


and clicking on the sub menu item 'volunteer' for example...
displays a breadcrumb of: home -> volunteer

I have pathauto in use, and custom breadcrumbs (tho it makes no difference if I disable it)

also... I find that that pages from Views will work if I select the menu item there (and don't build it through menu admin area) ... but, maybe it's just me but I haven't figured out how to set a submenu item in views.

any advice would be great, but as it is, it's not functioning so great. perhaps the dev version will work properly. or I'm just missing something in the setup?

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... but, maybe it's just me but I haven't figured out how to set a submenu item in views.

Same here! I can't find anything on the support or forums lists that speak to this, any ideas?

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No matter what I do, I only get the following link "Home >> Page Title".

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same issue. I am using taxonomy menu.

When I first installed this module I got an error message "user warning: Unknown column 'u.signature_format' in 'field list'" which was resolved after running update.php. Don't know if thats significant.

I installed taxonomy_breadcrumb and that did what I was expecting this module to do.

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Same problem here. The breadcrumbs not using the correct menu hierarchy is reported several times in the issues list. Seems like a pretty serious flaw... breadcrumbs aren't implemented correctly, making this module useless unfortunately.

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I found that if I put a print_r( $breadcrumb) statement in my zen_breadcrumb() function, two arrays will be printed. The first array seems to have the correct breadcrumb trail. The second array has the short one that contains only 2 items... Home and LeafPage.

Why does the zen_breadcrumb function get called twice with different breadcrumbs each time?

UPDATE: even when I disable my custom zen theme and activate the Garland theme, the breadcrumb issue persists... no sub menu items are in the breadcrumb trail.


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theme_breadcrumb being called twice will be from some other ?? module that's trying to override it. All breadcrumb modifiers fight amongst themselves somewhat.
If you really want to trace it, try print_r(debug_backtrace()); and you'll find that you may have one of the other 2 dozen breadcrumb tweaks mods like custom_breadcrumbs asserting control from a different part in the execution stack.

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Thanks, I didn't know about that function!

debug_backtrace didn't help me, but I did look for other modules which changed the breadcrumb and I found one called popup breadcrumb. I disabled it and now get a proper breadcrumb trail!