Drupal 4.6.3 and Mailhandler/ActionFeed

In my move to a new Host, I have just found out that I can't get php IMAP, enabled - not good :-(

> May I get the php IMAP extension enabled, please.

"I am sorry - I checked both the version 4 and 5 installations and it does not appear that this is something we offer. You can always compile and run your own php though."

Can someone offer a bit of technoeze decoding, I'm not sure what they are suggesting and if this suggestion will work with Druapl, if I ever do figure it out.

Do I have any other options?

Is there a toggle for php that I can pass through, in the "commands" field in the MailHander settings page?

I really wanted to use the ActionFeed Module and will need the MailHandler module to work first.



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Based on the response from your isp it would appear you have shell access on a dedictated host. Compile php with imap support and your problem will be solved. It is pretty easy.

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