For reasons I do not understand the system stopped sending emails to newly registered users or when users change password?
Require e-mail verification when a visitor creates an account check box is checked and the site used to do that before.
Suggestions, please.


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Yahoo puts my drupal email in spam folder and I keep thinking drupal didn't send email when it acutally did.

Also, check to make sure your smtp server is work by sending a test email.

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Indeed, the registration emails end up in spam folder.
Any remedi for this?

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You need to lookup SPF and DomainKey

Check this page:

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New users do NOT get emails BUT email goes to ADMIN OK

I have checked SPAM settings and mail def does NOT arrive so is not being sent

Member is on file and WAITING ACTIVATION since that is the setting

ADMIN gets notification of new user and user is supposed to get 2 emails once to confirm the application and then when approved by ADMIN

Any leads please to fix?

Maurice S Clarke
Rugby UK

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Hi All,
I am having a similar problem to Maurice. I am developing 6.(2?) locally on MAMP using OSX 4.11. Everything else has gone super smooth. I have installed these modules:
cck, image, img_assist 2, tinymce (v.2) views and wysiwyg.

I have narrowed the scope down to (I think) /modules/user/user.module file line #2274 which says:

function user_register_submit($form, &$form_state) {

I believe it must be this function which is not sending the email upon completion of the registration form by an anon user.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?


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I think i have narrowed it down even furthur to not having smtp configured on my local. :]

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I get the same problem

I am using 6.8
No emails are sent for account creation or password reset.
Email are sent for Contact us.
I have tried using a different account in the Site Information section.

Please help doing it manually hurts my brain. :-)

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I have the same problem. It was working fine initially. All of a sudden it stopped working.

De Paul Matthew

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I'm having the same problem. I can confirm that drupal sends emails out with the contact form, and I've tested sendmail independently on my host. It works... but just not with the creation of a new account. Everything was working for me with no problems up until a few days ago. Upon the creation of a new account nothing shows up in the recent log entries; no account created, no email sent. Yet the new account is there in my users list, awaiting verification.

Coincidentally, mailman_manager has stopped sending emails to interact with my mailing list. I'm wondering if there's a problem with system_send_email_action but am unable to troubleshoot. I've got the Email Registration module installed, and have activated/deactivated it to no effect.

Any insight or advice is warmly welcomed

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I seem to be suffering from the same problem in Drupal 6.9. All the same symptoms as well, it was working fine last week now all of a sudden user registration emails and password reset emails aren't sent out. Anyone have any insight into this?

I found this thread which talks about a similar problem but I have yet to try out it's solution of the SMTP Authentication Support module.

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Has anyone had any resolution to this issue?

describes exactly what happened to me...6.9...admin email just stopped working. client emails go out instantly but no admin emails.

I've tried using User Register Notify too. nothing.

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I'm having the same issue. My D6 installation has been working fine for about 8 months now, and just this week when I added a registration allow rule and removed the admin approval step the system no longer sends an email for people registering accounts. I can see them sitting in the approval queue... but that defeats the purpose of removing the admin approval part.

Can anyone help with this issue? It looks like there are a few of us experiencing this ghost in the system.

Thanks guys :)

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I'm having a similar with drupal 6. I added the registration possibilty to users. They can register, I can see them in users approval queue and they receive the e-mail saying that they account request is waiting for admin approval, but when I activate their account they don't receive the e-mail with the account details (username and password).
Does anyone know what's happening here?

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I had similar symptoms:
a) emails for reset passwords are sent
b) emails from contact module are sent
c) emails sent after register to confirm valid email address were not being sent

found this which relates to a fix to email problem on fasthosts, and when applied this patch it fixed my problem

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How do you make that change as outlined in the post you linked to?
I know nothing about php, thanks in advanced.

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Bump.. really need some help as new users aren't getting emails!

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Was this ever resolved? If so, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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Has any convenient fix to this problem be given?
It seems that we should be able to send emails to new users without rewriting the code.
But if we have to rewrite the code, then is there some clear set of instructions for doing so?

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Have any of you found a solution to getting the welcome email, password email, etc to send again?

see related threads for similar problems:

UPDATE: My email problem seems to be due to Comcast:

Mail messages going to go to the spam folder if the message body text includes my site name "" . This includes links, email addresses, reply header, etc. My site is not on any blacklists. I do not send out unsolicited emails. My site does not contain info that would be blocked by anyone. I don't have any suspicious emails in my sent folder. I'm still waiting for a callback from Comcast to resolve this.

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The solution at the bottom of here worked for me:

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disable module simple_mail