in #2466197: Staging directory should not have to be writeable. it was decided that setting the warning on non-writable config directories was just fine. See for more on the discussion.

However the config not being writable really shouldn't be a warning level notice, because a) its not actionable on production platforms and b) only configuration import from a tarball requires the folder to be web writable.

Proposed resolution

Remaining tasks

Review the patch.

User interface changes

Non-writable config directories will be reported under the information section instead of a site-wide warning.

API changes


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japerry created an issue. See original summary.

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Patch inc..

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+1 — it's not only on hosting providers; the default configuration I have for my own production sites doesn't allow writes to the config sync directory, and especially with the redesigned status report page, it always irks me to know I have to scroll down once I see the huge "1 WARNING" label at the top, and then I realize that yes, it's still just the config sync directory.

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Agree with #3

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May I be so bold... tested on the site in question where I was irked for the last time. The patch applies and makes it so the site has no more warnings.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Needs work

So what happens when you try to upload a tarball to a site where the folder is not writeable?

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I.e. I think we should prevent upload on admin/config/development/configuration/full/import with a message when the folder is not writeable.

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