Hello all.

I'm at a bit of a crossroads and very confused, which image module should I use?

Here's what I (Ideally) want to do:

Users of the website should be able to go to post an image article (a type I created with cck) - add the title, choose the taxonomy terms, add the body text and hen "Upload image" from their own desktop with the help of a button.

Img package:: http://drupal.org/node/230614 has helped me do this.

However, the images people attach are rather large, and really need to be viewed that way as well, so that there should be a small image in the post, and a larger image when you click on it (in it's own page, navigation not needed for this display but it would be nice if it was a page rather than the way I do it now, which is simply create two image manually and link the larger image as image.jpg)

Looks like image node does this: http://drupal.org/handbook/modules/image

But, image node also creates galleries and now I no longer have that neat "Upload image" helpful (from a users point of view) button. Instead the have to create an image (node) and then the article node they wanted to create? This seems rather cumbersome, and users would be lost (though administrators may not be).

Ideally, I'd want a watermark on the images as well, which I see image node can do, though I have not tested it yet and I feel this is a less pressing matter as long as I can find a user friendly way of attaching images to a certain type of node without having to first create the image node.

(Does that make any sense? I'm lost in all the image options available.)

This snippet of code here, make images clickable to original size seems like exactly what I wish to do - however, again the image module is not like the img package with the super-helpful "attach image" (from an end user point of view) so I'm not even sure that I can use this information.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Also, I want to move to Drupal 6 as soon as the modules I rely on allow (there quite a few missing for me). Might this be a totally different headache once I get there? If that is the case, perhaps I should just wait?


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I'm sorry, I forgot to add that I'm on 5.7 though the last comment might give that away - I'm not using "Img package" (which is a drupal 6.0 module) but img assist.

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Ok, testing the image galleries module has proved me wrong. There is indeed a helpful "upload" image button for users.

The watermark works nicely as well, though it seems I can only get this to be optional, ie; the user chooses if there should be a watermark. I do not want them to have a choice (too many choices confuse them) instead the watermark should simply be there by default. Can this be done?

I've gotten it to work quite nicely. Now my only problem will be to turn all the previously posted image-containing nodes into an "image" node even though they originally weren't. I'll find a way. I can ignore the "galleries" it creates.

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I need to have up to five or six images at a time/per post. I can't have creating a node for each image.

Now I'm still confused as to which module I should use.

To repeat my goals:

Users should be able to upload (several) images
Add title, tags, and body text to this so that it creates one single node where all images are found. Each image should be able to be seen in a larger view. On the front page, only one image teaser should be served.
Image should be watermarked by default.

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> But, image node also creates galleries and now I no longer have that neat "Upload image" helpful (from a users point of view) button. Instead the have to create an image (node) and then the article node they wanted to create? This seems rather cumbersome, and users would be lost (though administrators may not be).

You don't have to enable the image gallery module that comes in the image package.

And you can get a simple 'upload image' button. Enable Image attach. You can then upload a new image from a node create or edit page, if that content type is set to have attachments enabled. (The docs explain it all.)
You will get 2 nodes each time though -- the content node the user is making, and an image node that's made in the background.

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OK, then image node seems to not be what I need.

I currently have over sixhundred posts with images in them, each post contains around three or four images (all linked by hand to larger versions of these images). I'd like the "larger images" in these post to be on a 'page', with (only) the left navigation intact (image node does this by creating each image as a node - but it also leaves the right blocks in there overlapping the large image). I'd like the uploading an watermarking of images to be intuitive for users (that is, an upload button where they can upload several images, not just one at a time, and watermarking by default so they don't even see that option).

Is changing my old way of doing things a good idea with this module, I'd be creating 2.400 new nodes just to have the ability to see my larger images with a bit of a web-page around it instead of as a standalone .jpg.

Also, users can only upload one image at a time. We commonly have at least three images per posting with images.

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(sorry, turning off image gallery indeed helps, as I no longer create a big gallery as well - but I still need the ability to upload more than one at a time / per image node)

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Check this Imagecache + Imagefield Recipe

If you choose CCK imagefiled as Multiple in field options, i am pretty sure they can upload multiple images .

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Thank you, this does look promising.

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As per pharma's advice (and that link tutorial) I've tried out the imagefield-5.x-2.1, imagecache-5.x-2.0 and CCK combination. I actually already had this installed so that I may have smaller user profile images in comments than on the user profile page.

It works in that I can create content where users upload (several) images, and I can even make it so that they must upload an image in that type of content. The image can then be a thumbnail on the front page/teaser lists and once you're reading the node itself, a larger version is shown. You can evenmake the image link to the node (where the larger version is) or to the image itself.

Here's where I run into trouble:
Users will be uploading images that are BIG. Lets say 2000 pixels wide. I create a thumbnail (300 pixels wide say) which is seen in the teaser, a "postimage" (600 pixels wide) which will be seen in the post itself, and now I want people to be able to click on the image within a post to see the original "untouched" massive size. In a "page", that is, I'd prefer not to link straight to the image.jpg. I would prefer the original image to be in a page where the site still has (some) navigation available as outside links keep pointing to the bare (large) images.

So my "Field" settings are, Teaser "thumbnail as link to node" and Full "postimage as link to image" - I can't seem to chose "postimage as link to ORIGINAL". There's something "path to postimage derviative" that I don't quite get either.

In other words, I want "small -> medium -> ORIGINAL SIZE" to be available but I can only seem to get "small - medium"

Also, "watermark" module does not do anything at all with the CCK/imagefield/imagecache combo - it only watermarks things that are posted with the image.module (which again, you can only have on image at a time with). I really need that watermark as well. Such a shame.

I might have misunderstood some settings and there is indeed a way to link to the "Original" sized image, within a "page" from the "postimage" size. Is there?

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So what finally happened?

I am at beginner stage and i need to get pictures in any form in articles / blogs etc.

However I am unable to do so!

Kindly email me if you can help!