I'm in my very first stages with D8 and trying to migrate a D6 site using Acquia Dev Desktop on my workstation (iMac OS X Yosemite). I put in all the appropriate parameters, including the Acquia DD port number (33067), however when I went to start the migration I got an error saying that Migrate could not access the DB using /tmp/mysql.sock.

I went to the my.cnf file and changed the socket setting to /tmp/mysql.sock - and everything then worked


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Certainly not any kind of bug in migrate_upgrade... Which socket setting(s) precisely did you change in my.cnf, and what were the original settings? I use mysql.cnf for testing migration of my D6 site to D8 and have not seen this - I have socket="/Applications/Dev Desktop/mysql/data/mysql.sock" under both [client] and [mysqld] - as long as you have matching filenames in both places, it should work.

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FWIW, I ran into this too. I initially tried with "" then "localhost", then "localhost:33067". None of that worked so I went back to the ip, and ip:port worked for me as shown below:


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Actually I'm not 100% sure any more - having installed a new version of Dev Desktop the my.cnf has been put back to normal. But I'm pretty sure it was just the line
socket="/tmp/mysql.sock" under mysqld. But in the end I found the easiest thing to do which has always worked is to use for the database host, and then the DD port number (I use the Migrate UI rather than a drush command)