I've been hoping upgrading my D6 sites would be easy, but I'm already lost from the start. If I understand correctly, I'm not supposed to install D8 on my sites' servers. But where do I have to arrange the fresh D8 installation then? I'm not a hardcore programmer, and most of you probably will consider me to be a noob not knowing what to do, but I hounestly don't understand how to go through the steps as explained.

It would be a great help if there was a youtube video, taking you through every step of the upgrading process, telling you what to do. But I haven't been able to find one until so far. Can someone please help me out?


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There is no upgrade path to D8. You have to rebuild the site in D8, then migrate the content from your D6 installation.

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Thank you for your answer Jaypan. What would happen if I erased the Drupal 6 files from my server (after backing them up of course), and installed drupal 8 instead. What happens to all the content? Will it be able to show basic stuff like stories, just like that?

Only that's not really upgrading. That would be building a new site with old content.

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What would happen if I erased the Drupal 6 files from my server (after backing them up of course), and installed drupal 8 instead. What happens to all the content? Will it be able to show basic stuff like stories, just like that?

It wouldn't work. The database structures are significantly different, and many table names have been changed. You would get errors, and they wouldn't be fixable.

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Unfortunately, this is going to be a pretty big undertaking. Upgrading major versions in Drupal isn't simple. This link will get you started but you might want to consider hiring someone if you're feeling overwhelmed: https://www.drupal.org/upgrade/migrate

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Thanks for your response, Michelle. I sincerely hope that the Drupal community can do better than to advise me to 'hire someone'. I could get far enough myself if there would be a decent instruction video.

But for starters: where do I run a fresh Drupal 8 installation if it's not on the server itself? On my own computer?

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I wasn't being snarky. I advised you to hire someone because the questions you are asking imply that you are going to be in way over your head and I was trying to save you some pain. You would want to build the site locally before deploying it to your server. So set up a local instal of Drupal 8 and build your site there. I haven't done a migration, yet, so can't really advise you on that part. You don't want to deploy it to the prod server until it's all done and tested.

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I'm in the same board as the OP. I've done upgrades from 5 to 6 and updates within 6. But I need clarification on this:

A typical use case of the upgrade process would include installing a new copy of Drupal 8 and running the migration on the Drupal 8 site to migrate configuration and content from the source site. The source site database is not modified during the process.

I do everything via FTP. I don't have a shell or a personal server, etc. So, what would happen if I install put the Drupal 8 files in a folder, say, here and ran the install: www.mydomain/Drupal8/install.php.

Could I have two versions of Drupal running in different server folders? And then use Drupal 8 to pull the old database into the new site?

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my my question is kind of a follow up on the issue of updating from Drupal 6 to 8 or even 7 would be great! Since I am very very new to managing websites, and Drupal in particular.

The main problem is that I have overtaken a website and do not know the ftp details which makes any real update impossible. I have done everything I could but there is the previous person who worked on the website is not reachable by any means. I have been searching and learning about Drupal a lot lately, I only recently learned what ftp details are etc. I have already hired an external developer who assists me and implements some content and simple changes and was hoping that through the expert could perform core updates or recover ftp details..

How can I get access to my ftp details or any other means to perform (or rather delegate to perform) updates? The person I am working with has been unable to tell me another way and insists that without those details there is nothing we can do - is this good advice, does he know his stuff?

Any help advice would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks

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Please open a new thread for your question, as it does not match the original topic, and a dialog on your answer will just make this thread more confusing, and make it less likely for the original poster to get answers to their questions.