Following #2646968: [Plan] Regionalized Planet Drupal we are adding the first regional section of Drupal Planet: Planeta Latinoamericano, for content from the Latinoamericano community written in Spanish or Portuguese.

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ibonelli created an issue. See original summary.

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This can certainly be done as it requires us merely to coin a new feed. We would need spanish/portugueses speeking volunteers though to review any applicants. The overall process would stay the same. I am +1 and already proposed such a feed a couple of years ago. I cannot remember why we did not implement it back then.

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Hi David, thanks for your quick reply. That's great news!

I volunteer myself to do the spanish review of applicants. I've been working with which might be able to join the task with me for the portuguese bit. The reason why we propose to work together is that we realized we can understand portuguese by reading it. But it will be best if there is more than one and that we can handle both languages well. Maybe planetla could be the URL?
Don't see how to invite Renato to the issue. So I will send him an email so he can share his view over here.

Thanks again, Ignacio

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Hi mates! Nice to know!

I volunteer myself to do the Portuguese review.

About the URL I'm OK with planetla, but maybe we could use the "planet" word in pt/es so it could be just "planeta". I like this because the word works for both languages. What do you think?

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Glad to hear that Renato! I love it. Much more tha planetla. Reason being it can include Spain and Portugal. Much more inclusive. Before reading I was thinking that we should use a name that includes them, so unless someone has a better idea lets go with planeta. Cheers, Ignacio

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I am going to shop this around and try to make this happen soon. This would need an announcement post, preferably from a d.o or Assoc account to try to get some momentum behind this. And also to try to find new volunteers.

What you can do is get some +1 into this issue to demonstrate that there is real interest.

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Count on me for PT reviewers.

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Sent to some lists to generate momentum. On the camp the interest was high. We'll see how it evolves. Cheers!

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Count on me as a Spanish reviewer.

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What a great proposal =D. I'm all in also. If you need more reviewers or anything else I'd like to help.

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Count me as volunteer too ;)

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This is a great initiative.

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Hey guys!, count me in as volunteer!

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One more to PT-BR here.


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Good initiave, I can help with Spanish too.

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Nice initiative, count with me.

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Perfect!! Can count on me for some coordination tasks ;)

About the URL @revagomes with @nahuel propose the name ""

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I plan on setting this in motion on our side on the next week end if until then no substantial objections arise.
I am going to add a new feed category (i.e. the equivalent to Planet Drupal). Shall we simply name it Planeta Drupal? I'll also have to inquire how we built and create a similar page. We'd also need an addition to the docs about this feed but that should be easily accomplishable.

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Hi David, sorry for the radio silence. I've been off the net (vacations).
Seems no objections have appeared, which is good :)
Yes, "Planeta Drupal" with URL seems like a winner.
Thanks for working on the setup and let me know if I can help. Cheers!

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I am awaiting the feedback of tvn and or the Assoc's content manager which should arrive soonish.

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Status: Active » Postponed

Hi there,
bradleyfields and I discussed this a bit. The idea is good, and it's nice to see such a support behind it. Of course some questions immediately arise related to maintenance and 'what happens next' sort of thing. Such as:
- what happens when other people will want to have versions of Planet in other languages? (And this will definitely happen once this one is up)
- what if we add languages, and they only have 1 post per year? or they had 5 posts and then stopped? and we have inactive feeds around.
- Association does not have staff able to review and moderate Planet in various languages. So we'll have to completely rely on volunteers who know the language. What happens when we lose them?

To answer those and similar questions it feels like we need to discuss general policy/process for multilingual Planet first, before implementing this specific language. Once we are happy with it, Spanish could be the first language to beta-test the process we come up with. I'll start a separate issue shortly to discuss this sort of general policy.

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Hi there, I see your point and a process to add these totally makes sense. It would be great to see this happen for other languages. Once you create a new issue please add me in, I would like to feedback. I think your points are valid and there can be a process to address them. Thanks, Ignacio

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I had a long answer written out that got swallowed by the horrible hands of two-factor-auth. Seriously wtf?
So this is a bit shorter now:

- what happens when other people will want to have versions of Planet in other languages? (And this will definitely happen once this one is up)

Let them show their reach and their support. Which other language would warrant its own Planet feed that could not be nationally done? Only French springs to mind.
Latinoamerico Planet spans a ton of countries on multiple continents.

- Association does not have staff able to review and moderate Planet in various languages. So we'll have to completely rely on volunteers who know the language. What happens when we lose them?

What has the Assoc done for the Planet in the last let's say three years? The current inability to retain or even gain volunteers might give cause for introspection but should not be held against future volunteer efforts.

If this needs indeed a general discussion first please let's put a timeframe on it that not immediatelly kills the momentum we have here. Moreover I want to point out that this could bring volunteers back to When was the last time multiple hands went up to do sth on d.o? (*cough* Forums *cough*) Let's keep also an eye on how we treat volunteer efforts.
Finally: this is a golden opportunity to gain and support momentum in a broad and for the most part still emerging Drupal market.

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Issue summary: View changes
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Please give a beer to @dddave Beer

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Status: Postponed » Needs work

Bag move @tvn...

Please scale to the DA heads prior to moving this thread to postpone. People participating in this thread deserve it. If DA can't support a localized branch into the Drupal Planet, then we gonna file a formal request to DA's BoD, but we want an official answer, not your thinking.

Thanks in advance!

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No one said anything about not supporting or rejecting this request. All I am asking is that we have a larger conversation about making Planet multilingual by adding feeds in different languages first. How those additions can be requested, where/how feeds are being moderated, what are the urls and page titles for those feeds to create cohesive IA for the Planet. Latinamericano Planet can then be the first such section of Planet created. This conversation happens in a related issue, 'Postponed' status meant once that conversation happens we get to actual implementation of this request.

dddave, timeboxing is a good idea, we'd need to have a draft in place first, to timebox feedback on it. If you could comment at #2646968: [Plan] Regionalized Planet Drupal that'd be super helpful. Especially around your thoughts on which languages can warrant own planet and how they can show their reach and support.

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@tvn, now we are talking!

Your proposal to make it a "larger conversation" is legit and makes sense but is not what will work IMHO. will become multi-language in the next 2 years, when Drupal 8 core and contrib are good enough to run, and when DA has the budget to pay for a new redesign and migration from D7 to D8. Having a policy for multi-language content will not port d.o to D8 magically, so the conclusion is, the way you propose things, we should wait years to have a Drupal Planet Latino. No way...

I know personally each of the latinos participating in this thread, they are hardworkers contributing for years to the community, they are contributing to Drupal project as a whole with "things" like the Drupal Console (just to cite an example), so we'll make the Planet happen because the community needs it and is relevant to the mission of fostering Drupal. Doesn't DA wants to reach drupal community everywhere in the universe? OK, let's start by latinos, we make it work and we move over to other languages, but let's make it happen sooner than later.

In short @tvn, would you help us make the new Planet in Spanish and Portuguese to happen NOW? Or should we move all our energies and passion elsewhere (fork) to make things happen by ourselves?

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Just to cross post that this is a region effort, not a language one. I see the point about French, but TBH honest in terms of reach I guess you'll get a request for a region this big once that China or India get more engaged. Not before.

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An updated version of policy draft is available for review at #2646968: [Plan] Regionalized Planet Drupal, it is rewritten to reflect the regional scope, enables Drupal Latinoamericano to happen first, and opens possibility for other regions being added in the future as well.

And we are not talking about making the whole multilingual, we are talking about potentially adding feeds for other regions as well, using the same functionality we would use for Planet Latinoamericano. This has nothing to do with upgrading to Drupal 8 or any redesigns.

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Thanks for drafting the policy and general view. I agree with it and it reflects what we wanted it to be. Thanks to @tvn and @bradleyfields for building the plan. I have nothing to add.

The pilot shared looks good and I guess it is time to give examples of the feeds it will have. I shared mine already, anyone else wants to share? The guidelines for it are the same as planet Drupal, but now we can share in spanish and portuguese!

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This is another example =)

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And we are not talking about making the whole multilingual, we are talking about potentially adding feeds for other regions as well, using the same functionality we would use for Planet Latinoamericano. This has nothing to do with upgrading to Drupal 8 or any redesigns.

This is actually great news! You made my day @tvn! Thanks!

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Title: New Planet Drupal Latinoamericano? » Add a regional section of Planet Drupal: Planeta Latinoamericano
Issue summary: View changes
Status: Needs work » Fixed

I configured the new 'Category' for feed aggregator 'Planeta Latinoamericano', and added the first feed example. This can be viewed at
For further feeds to be added an issue needs to be opened in this queue for each feed with a request to be added specifically to Planeta Latinoamericano (versus general Drupal Planet).

Guidelines could use an update if anyone from moderators has time: #2660304: Update Planet Drupal guidelines with specific steps for Planeta Latinoamericano feeds

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I'm think about adding a new blog post mentioning several sites in spanish that discuss Drupal. Additionally I will ask @revagomes for some portugues sites as well. Can we do it on Drupal planet already? I see it on d.o but I don't see a link on the menu... Thanks, Ignacio

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The Planeta Latinoamericano section of Planet exists at the url specified. New feeds can be added, etc. Menu item will be added once there are enough feeds.

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That's great news, thanks @ŧvn!

So posted feeds on both issues are:
* (jackbravo)
* (revagomes)
* (enzo)

For now that seems to be it for now. Do we need to add issues for each of them?
Is this not enough? Are we looking for more feeds or more content?


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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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This would be a good time to get some folks to submit their feeds. I feel like the momentum has slowed down a bit.

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I agree. Sent a couple of personal emails. Cheers!

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Here goes the updated feed for

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Hi Renato,
Feed validates with some warnings ( Content is relevant... So seems ok to add I think (not sure about the warnings, David can comment on that.

I guess the most important thing to flag is that you'll need to enter an specific issue for it. We managed to get the guidelines translated to spanish ( you can read it in english too ( and it would be great to add the portuguese translation.

So next step is to create an issue in Content with the request.

Cheers, Ignacio