# Summary

Group module D8 Upgrade Status

# Project URL


# Where is the code?


# Estimated completion date

First working version: Q1 2016

# Dependencies

None (Entity API is in core now)

# Who's doing the port?

kristiaanvandeneynde @ Deeson

# What help do they need?

Testing as soon as an alpha is out.

# D8 roadmap

#2693167: [meta] D8 release roadmap
Some UX and writing tests.

# Background and reference information


#15 Issues.pdf22.89 KBpapan_tc
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gokulnk created an issue. See original summary.

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All that is left now for a working beta (screw alpha), is node support. We can add in extra UX elements later on. Expected time of first release: End of February.

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@dkristiaanvandeneynde:@mccrodp definitely following this tread groups and private msg is one of our project requirements

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Looking forward for drupal 8 version

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I expect to release the first working alpha this weekend.

It could actually be called a beta because it's really functional already, but I want to label it alpha to allow other developers to step in and provide feedback on the API. I reckon there's still room for API changes in an alpha phase, where a beta label would make such decisions more annoying to make.

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Status: Active » Fixed

And we're live!

The release has been submitted for packaging, please be kind when providing feedback. I've really put my heart and soul into this one :)

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@kristiaanvandeneynde thanks for your hard work ill install and test this in our new project feedback will be provided.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Needs review

Apparently an alpha release means this issue needs to be set to "needs review"

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I'm testing this D8 module.
Everything seems to work well but I don't understand how to add members to a group.
Could you help me in order to test the whole module ?

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@pachakamac Support requests should ideally go into the Group issue queue. That said, you should be able to add a member quite easily from the Members tab of a group.

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I am testing group module in Drupal 8 but got into few issues.
1. Under Members tab, instead of "Add Members", I see "Log in" button.
2. When I go to "Related Entities" Tab and try to relate content, it brings me to add members page.
please see attached file for more details.

I am on Drupal 8 and using group-8.x-1.x-dev.
Is there any setting which I need to do?
Please help.
Thank you.

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Test it on local site. Looks good and simple.

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Hello, is the group module usable in production on drupal 8 ? thank you

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Yes it is.

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Merci.There is more sub module invitation by e-mail ?

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Not yet for D8. It's close to a release candidate containing support for grouped nodes, members and member profiles. And obviously the basics such as permissions etc.

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very good. Is it normal that the "Group" tab no longer appears on the user account page ?

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Added #20to summary.

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community
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I've added a new user to a group, with no roles. The only permissions I gave him are to edit his own membership. However, the option to edit his membership does not show up when he accesses the group page. Is there something I'm missing?

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1) I do not want the administrators of the groups to access the "Related Entities" tab. I have set the right but the tab does not hide. How do I disable it?

2) I want the adinistrator groups to choose whether a node should be public or private. How to do this ?

3) When I add a user to a group, he does not receive a request on his account (accept or reject). It is automatically added.

4) When a user joins a group it is automatically a member. The administrator should accept or deny the user.

Thank you