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Meta tags support based on Fields API.

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# What help do they need?

Needs other developers to help with this large task.

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Patrick Storey created an issue. See original summary.

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Metatags Quick was originally written as a temporary solution as Metatag took so long to be finished. The D8 port of Metatag already uses the Field API to handle per-entity settings, so hopefully we'll be able to combine efforts rather than having two competing modules.

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That would be a great idea. Hope that happens.

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Removing roadmap from here since that roadmap is for metatags.

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Title: [metatags_quick] Meta tags quick » [metatags_quick] Meta tags quick (use Metatag instead)
Status: Postponed » Closed (duplicate)

Let's call this a duplicate.

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Meta tags (quick) had the option to change meta tags on a path basis, this option doesn't seem to exist within Metatag?

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@sam.workbooks: We'll get to it eventually, just need someone to write the functionality; lets keep this discussion in #2563655: Per-path configurations.