Meta tags support based on Fields API.

#D8CX: while there was initial work on porting metatags quick to Drupal 8, I encourage everyone who would like to help, join the effort with #2052441: Port Metatag to Drupal 8

Included modules

Starting from version 7.x-2.1, meta tags functionality is splitted to several modules:

  • metatags_quick
    Main module. Adds meta tags support for site pages
  • metatags_quick_import
    Imports nodewords (D6) data
  • metatags_quick_extra
    (Experimental) automatic settings. Currently supports only keywords and description tags


Comparison of meta tags generation modules can be found here.

Upgrade from nodewords

Upgrade path from existing nodewords data (D6) is possible in 7.x-2.x series.

Module installation

  1. Place the entire metatags_quick directory into your Drupal sites/all/modules/ directory.
  2. Enable Meta tags (quick) module by navigating to: Administer > Modules
  3. Configure module-specific settings: Administer > Configuration > Search and meta data > Meta tags (quick) settings.
  4. Import nodewords data: Administer > Configuration > Search and meta data > Meta tags (quick) settings > Upgrade from nodewords.
  5. Meta tag fields can be added manually in content type configuration: Administer > Configuration > Content types > Manage fields.

Financial support

I have started this project as my personal workaround of the meta tags problem in Drupal 7. Since then, surprisingly lot of people have downloaded and use it, so now it takes more of my time than I have planned initially.
If you find this module useful, please consider helping me to add new features and fix old bugs :)
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Your support is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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