This issue outlines a Drupal Association plan for sun-setting as a sub-site and integrating much of its functionality with

This plan is still in the early stages - so these ideas are still subject to change.

As part of the new Content Model being implemented on, we are implementing organic groups and some supporting modules to allow us to use groups for content organization and governance directly on

Historically the groups on have been used for roughly six purposes:

  1. Announcement Only Groups
  2. Project-based groups
  3. Initiatives and Working Groups (official and unofficial)
  4. Local User Groups
  5. Interest Groups
  6. Jobs

These six functions can be mapped to the new content model for, and in doing so should become more relevant and tightly connected to the content they relate to:

Proposed Group Type Migrations

Group Type Proposed Migration
Announcement Only Groups Blog content type on D.O
Project-based Groups Project nodes become organic groups on D.O
Initiatives and Working Groups Initiative content type
Local User Groups Organic group on D.O
Interest Groups Organic group on D.O
Jobs Already migrated to

See the DrupalCon Barcelona session for some more details about this plan.


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Any updates on this?

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I've started watching the video from barcelona. Are the slides and screenshots and stuff from that available somewhere?

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Good place to start is also overall content strategy presentation, which gives a lot of info on 'why' and how D.o will be changing overall in the coming months.

As for updates or timelines, there is none at the moment, as we have quite a few large initiatives above this one on the priority list. We'll add more details as we get closer to working on this.

greggles’s picture has some interesting types. Among those that seem most popular:

* Event with the ability to "sign up"
* Poll
* Wiki page

Is the plan to just support those straight across or would some of them be abandoned?