The business world is certainly starting to notice Drupal, as evidenced by this article in Businessweek naming Dries as a top 30-and-under innovator for 2008.

Make sure you have a solid business plan and you've done your homework and are passionate about what you are doing, and people will recognize your potential.
--Dries Buytaert, in Businessweek

Businessweek talks about Drupal and Acquia, and mentions many of the great sites that have been built in Drupal. They cite the number of businesses using Drupal at being around 250,000.

Also among the top innovators are Garrett Camp of StumbleUpon, Joe Green of Causes, Drew Houston of Dropbox, David Ulevitch of OpenDNS, and others.

Congratulations are in order to Dries and to all of you, the people who are working so hard to make Drupal a great product.


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Congrats Dries :)

PS: David Ulevitch also runs EveryDNS, which is a nice, free DNS management service.

John Forsythe
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It is a real honor and privilege that BusinessWeek included me on their list of top 30-and-under innovators for 2008. I'm very happy to see Drupal getting this level of recognition from the business world. What BusinessWeek only hints at, though, is the importance of all the thousands of people, including my new colleagues at Acquia, who are working every day to make Drupal great. This is a big milestone for Drupal so congratulations to all of you.

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Congratulations, Dries. You've done an amazing thing -- launching a project with the breadth and depth of Drupal, and successfully nurturing a large community of developers as they built on and expanded it. It's no small task, and you've led it well for years.

Time to soak up some well-deserved accolades. ;)

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That Dries is in the Business Week article is outstanding! CONGRATS!

As Dries mentioned, there are thousands of folks that do everything from writing code, submitting issues, putting out newsletters, etc, that have all contributed to the success Drupal enjoys today.

So to everyone involved in Drupal - keep up the great work! And thanks to Dries for getting everything started!

Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)

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Congratulation dries., CIO & Lead developer
Feel freedom with open source softwares, Software Manager & Lead developer
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Kudos to Dries and the whole Drupal community!

Live hard, Ride harder

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Drupal is a great CMS and also more like a php framework. May god continue to shower his blessing upon you so that you can innovate and contribute yourself to projects like drupal

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What a curious god that leaves millions of children starving and dying in poor countries, yet, takes time to "shower" Dries.

Congratulations to Dries.

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What a curious person that uses the abstract suffering of others as an excuse to not believe in a God who gave him the ability to feel compassion in the first place.

(How many starving children have you fed this month?)

Congrats Dries & all Drupal contributors.

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what a curious place to have an argument about religion...

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1) You should visit Africa and then you realize that the suffering i'm referring to is not abstract.
2) Where did I said I didn't believe in god ? Questioning his morality and sense of priority doesn't mean I don't believe in him.
3) I didn't fed any starving children this month, but I don't pretend to have the absolute morale values, and be omnipotent at the same time as god do. Or maybe god hasn't the greatest moral values and isn't omnipotent, but then he wouldn't be a god....

In any case, I would be very suspicious about a god showering Dries, helping people in sports, at their exams and such.... and still letting a huge part of innocent humanity (children) die of starvation.


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God is not constrained by our notion of time, nor by limits to His resources.

If Satish wishes to express congratulations to Dries in this way, God will not be diverted from His plan, nor will He neglect anyone else. God knows that the most important thing, is that each person gets to know God better – so it is also right to be curious about Him.

If anyone does go to Africa or elsewhere, to feed starving children, they might find that they learn more about God than they bargained for.

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Congratulations to Dries and the community. Business is taking open-source software seriously, and recognising its value and advantages.

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Drupal is a sucker to begin with. Hours fly by with little end produce, until things start to come together. Then Drupal is a darling - albeit a complicated love.
Its a bit like tennis.

I like your Drupal, Dries. So many congratulations to you and all the developers grinding out usability from the Drupal works.

Absolute Beginner..

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That is a very respectable accomplishment! It makes me proud of work I do, and sheds light on a sometimes not-so-well-known-about technology. I can show Businessweek to people to better explain what I'm talking about and do!

New to the scene myself, I just sold my second Drupal website CMS solution to a client and I plan to continue earning my livelyhood doing so. When I started this thing I tried others, but now I commit to the beast that is Drupal. I'm going to Lullabotcon in Minneapolis and can't wait to get more involved! Truly a scholar's and gentlemans CMS! Great work!

Edmonton, AB

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Great work Dries!

Keep the spirit up. You and the team deserve all the kudos.


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Congratulations Dries!
Wel deserved and now that you are with Acquia, I am sure this will have a positive effect on Drupal development and the recognization by the business world.

Keep up the good work!

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that must feel good... *cha-ching*

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Well done Dries!!!
This is great news.
And the greatest of all is that Businessweek is pointing out for an open source software.
That is even more exciting if you know what I mean.
Let's keep up the good work.

David Oster aka George Pasparakis

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Congratulations Dries!

What was a crucial factor in my changing CMS decision? Qualiity of the leader and the community. Dries, you run the project and lead other participants ina billiant way.

Thanks and good luck!


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Business Week? Congratulations, Dries. That is *way* cool!

Thanks for sharing, Robert.

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Dries, can we see the business plan ? Just kidding. :)
I can't wait to see become a live service.

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Hi Dries

Congratulations form Denmark. VERY well deserved :-)

vicamamia // Kenneth Nielsen

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business week - it's serious and authority magazine, they know what they writing about.

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Waiting for The Economist article :)