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Reports created with the Visitors moduleThe Visitors module is used for displaying various flavors of info about the visitors of a Drupal website to users authorized to access such info.

The main Visitors module comes with:

  • Various out-of-the-box reports, located at '/visitors' (not linked from anywhere else).
  • A Visitors Block containing summary information.

Extra reporting features can be enabled via these sub-modules:

  • The Visitors GeoIP module, to also report about countries and cities.
  • The Visitors Browscap module, providing statistics on visiting browsers.

For documentation and/or support related requests, please create a new issue in the Visitors issue queue. Do not add them here by adding a comment to these pages please, compliant to community documentation guidelines.


  1. Please be aware that these community documentation pages still need quite some work to get completed. Refer to #2432369: Create Visitors module documentation, and its child issues for various topics that still need to be included somehow.
  2. If you want to contribute to these pages yourself, please ... do so now

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