Visitors module

This module used for displaying a visitors info.


  • View pages that have recently been visited.
  • View pages that have been hit frequently.
  • View pages count per month.
  • View pages count per day of month.
  • View pages count per day of week.
  • View pages count per hour.
  • View pages count per host.
  • View access log.
  • View user activity report (hits, nodes, comments).
  • View referer list.

Integration with whois lookup module.

Visitors Block

  • Total Visitors.
  • Unique Visitor.
  • Registered Users.
  • Last Registered User.
  • Published Nodes.
  • Your IP.

Visitors GeoIP module

Add country reports.

1. Countries report. View pages count per country.
2. City report. View pages count per city.
3. City visitors report. View city hits.

GeoIP installation

1. Install geoip pecl extension. For installation instructions see

2. Download Geo Lite City database.
gunzip GeoLiteCity.dat.gz
mv GeoLiteCity.dat /usr/local/share/GeoIP/GeoIPCity.dat

3. Find php.ini.

4. Enable extension to load in php.ini:

5. Set to php.ini

6. Apache restart.

Visitors Browscap module (EXPERIMENTAL)

Provides statistics on visiting browsers.

1. Browsers report.
2. Platform report.

Module added to 7.x-2.0-alpha1.

Current version of the Visitors Browscap module in alpha state and can be broken. Visitors Browscap module must be disabled and uninstalled before upgrading to a new version.

Browscap installation

1. Download full_php_browscap.ini from .

2. Find php.ini.

3. Add to php.ini
browscap = /full/path/to/full_php_browscap.ini

4. Apache restart.


  • pebosi: Theme function for block output.
  • KirstenLangholz: German translation.
  • poehnix: Italian translation.
  • roball: Visitors GeoIP module requirements, .htaccess file.
  • mjross: Include past visitors in visitor count.

Project Information