I am going to use Drupal 8.
I already did some html5, Css, Javascript. Jquery,Bootstrap and Symfony learning.

Now I am looking for Drupal 8 beginners tutorial / online training.

I see a lot on Drupal 7, but since I am e newbie, it seems to me that
I best start with Drupal 8.

Even books or not yet available, they are released in the next months.

Any idea where to find drupal 8 tutorial/Online training which is not
setup as a upgrade from Drupal 7 ??




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I've found those youtube videos about Drupal 8 released by BuildAModule. Really good quality and free ;-)
Just a line to express the excitement about D8 and its awsome functionalities!


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Check here, 200 Drupal 8 videos for free.

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Thanks ayushjn

The first of those videos are now online.

Here's over 60 free videos in the Drupal 8 Beginner class:

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Check out the latest videos tutorial. Here you can easily learn

vikas kumar

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I've started a list of D8 Training Resources.


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If you are actually developing professional projects for clients, I would not recommend you to spend much time learning drupal 8 until it's 100% stable and all important modules are ported.

But if you are just learning to use it on a future career or just personal use, I would recommend you "drupalize.com".
It's a license-paid website where you can find some courses on D7, D8, commerce, theming, module dev., php, symphony, drush and some other stuff related to drupal development.

Also, I would recommend you to buy a book, you can find on amazon some books about D8 released this month (January).

If you want something free, you can always opt to learn from youtube, google or you can try to find any D8 course on udemy, a video-based learning website where you can find lots of subject to learn.

The last advice, is to use this beautiful community we have here for any doubt you have, but remember, try it, once, twice and a million times, to learn the best you can before demanding for help.

Good look :)

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Nice collection and thanks a lot.D8 rocks.