Hi, I'm trying to install drupal 5.7 with GoDaddy. I've followed all of the instructions but can't get it to work:

1. Downloaded drupal from drupal.org.
2. Used ftp to move the files to the root directory, so that the "drupal 5.7" folder is there
3. Created a MySQL 5.0 db

When I type in my url: mammothresortmanagement.com, I get a "This website is coming soon" message.

Are there steps I am missing?

Can someone help?




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I use godaddy also. You need to move the files to the root directory not in a folder. Otherwise, you would have to use the url: www.yoursite.com/drupal 5.7 to get to it.

Hope this helps.

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GoDaddy supports automatic, easy installation of Drupal 5.5. Once you get 5.5 running, upgrading to 5.7 is pretty easy.

For easy installation of Drupal 5.5 on Godaddy:
1. Login to GoDaddy
2. Mouseover "Hosting and Servers" in the green menu bar. Select "My Account". At this point, you should see your hosting account(s) listed.
3. Next to one of your hosting accounts, click on OPEN, to bring up the Hosting Control Center.
4. Below the banner, click on the link called: GoDaddy Hosting Connection
5. In the left sidebar menu, select Content Management, then Drupal.

At this point, you can select a domain and directory for installing Drupal. GoDaddy's installation scripts will setup your database, and everything else you need. It is extremely easy.

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Drupal 5.5 is an insecure relase at this point and should not be used. Fantastico type installs like this will also lead to headaches when you go to upgrade. My suggestion install manually, which with the relase of Drupal 5.0 isn't any harder then the steps mentioned about for a host install.

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There is a lot of confusion out there to make this seem really difficult and intimidating for 1st timers.

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Here is a video tutorial to install drupal with godaddy. I was able to install drupal using these tutorials.

Link Below:


For cron you have to log into your godaddy account and go to the control panel. There you can. Click on the content tab. Then Click on cron manager. Click "create cron job" button. Give some title for the cron job. in command give /web/cgi-bin/php "$HOME/html/cron.php" . Now save it.

Thats it. You are done.

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Hi Brian,

Looks like you may have gotten this issue resolved via our support team. How is the Drupal install working for you now?

Alicia R.
Go Daddy Hosting
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Wow! Just reading through this thread, here is Godaddy coming into the thread handling the issue. That is awesome. I definitely am in awe.

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Could we get someone to update that serverside? :)

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I am also using Goddady and trying to install Drupal5.7 in a sub-directory of my domain for testing purpose.
I unzipped the files and copied them in mydomain.com/drupal-5.7, afterwards, I tried mydomain.com/drupal-5.7/install.php. It only shows: "No profiles Available. We were unable to find any installer profiles. Installer profiles tell us what modules to enable and what schema to install in the database. A profile is necessary to continue with the installation process."

Anyone can help?

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insure that the "profiles" at the same level as index.php was uploaded and that the files inside this folder were uploaded without being corrupted.

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Yes, I did the check.
The necessary folder and file are at the required location but still doesn't work.

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I thought I might post incase you haven't found an answer.

I had the same problem and fixed it by forcing it to look for the default profile:

browse to


that was the path to mine, you will probably have fewer "drupal-5.7"s.

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got it working in the end, goaddys default install of drupal tends to be outdated though hence the custom installs