I am creating a site that includes Java Documentation pages, using Drupal 4.6. These pages are created by a tool called javadoc that generates HTML pages documenting the classes, methods and attributes of a java application. The tool automatically generates embedded links between related, classes, methods and attributes.

Is there a way to add a link to these pages that loads the pages as part of the look and feel of the Drupal site? Currently I have a navigation bar link that loads the main java doc page as an external link. This is less than optimal. The only alternative I have seen documented is to modify each code generated page, cutting and pasting the content into a content->page form. (Xstatic also looks promising, but it is currently not available.) Since I am dealing with tens of thousands of lines of code and hundreds of developers, the maintenance of such a scheme defeats the power of the Drupal CMS.

Drupal satisfies my needs for most of the tasks required for this site. I can live with this limitation, but I'm hoping I missed a real solution.

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I've included pages from the PRADO framework into Drupal and had them look like regular ones. You can do the same by making a module, say "javadoc", with a callback that handles request for javadoc files. Have this callback "include" files based on the calling arguments. So if you call example.com/javadoc/classes/myclass.html, it will call a callback linked with the path "javadoc", which will parse out elements of the url, and include path/to/javadoc/classes/myclass.html and by output control place your content in theme('page', $content_gotten_by_output_control). That would require you to cut of some tags from the docs to make it compatible with the rest of the html, I believe you have the oppertunity to create your own template in javadoc. Given that the javadoc files use relative url's in their links, you should be able to have it work transparently to them. Due to the menusystems "chain of command", the callback can be the "controller" even though the url has a longer path than the is required to execute the callback.

Hopefully this is not too cryptic. I think it would work nicely, not sure :)

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I have been looking for a way to display JavaDocs on Drupal 7. This post is over 10 years old do you guys know if there is a new way to display java docs on Druapal 7 rather than creating my custom module ?

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Yes you can link the documentation pages which is generated by javadoc command

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