My basic question is, when working with an ODBC data source, how can I return an object from the db_fetch_object function that can be used by Drupal?

I am trying to create an ODBC interface for Drupal and I am getting stuck when it comes to fetching data. Specifically, I do not know how to replicate the object the needs to be returned from the db_fetch_object function. The object returned from the odbc_fetch_object command is not equivalent to the object returned from the mysql_fetch_object or the pg_fetch_object commands. So when I try to use this command, I get a memory error.

If anyone has come across this issue before, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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do you have news about that??
i'm really interested about odbc driver
from next month i'm work on it
beaucause i need it
where do you share source code of your driver??

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There is allot of small and big businesses that still use a odbc back end, especially for there invoice and accounts.
A odbc driver would be great.
Is there any one that would be able to write a module like this?

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May I know what is the status of this?

This is gaining more and more demand. Hope we can have a module or have it built into Drupal core.