My breadcrumbs are causing me problems as they give links to pages I don't want users accessing. It would be nice to find some way to redo them based on taxonomy and all, but I would be happy to simply disable them. Is there some easy way to do that? Maybe delete a line somewhere in the theme? (I'm using chameleon in 4.5). I've read a few posts but seems everyone is trying to fix them. I built my own navigation system and don't really need the breadcrumbs.



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You can always use css to disable your breadcrumbs.
In the css for your theme (usually style.css) add

.breadcrumb {
  display: none;
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ummm ... i get all the different files mixed up lessee ... its the chameleon theme? Then there should be a line in the .theme file

line 74-76 or so of chameleon.theme you can comment these lines

// if title = drupal_get_title())
// output .= theme("breadcrumb", drupal_get_breadcrumb );
// output .= "h2 title h2";

then Drupal won't even output a blank line there as it would if you change the css file. If you want the title displayed still don't comment the output = "h2 title" line

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"display: none" attached to your corresponding html-element or class will not produce an empty line but will display the page as if the breadcrumbs are disabled. They still are produced however (which produces a slight overhead for the server?)

The css property "visibility:hidden" will hide the breadcrumbs but will still keep an empty line for them. This is like putting them on the page but not displaying them.

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Short answer:
Remove echo $breadcrumb; from page.tpl.php of your theme.

Long answer:

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Great answer. Worked perfectly for me.

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I am using the Alagna theme for Marinelli, and I have edited the page.tpl file, template.php, and layout.css and I can't get the breadcrumbs off. I'm very frustrated because every forum that has a solution won't work for me. Any help would be great


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look for $breadcrumb in page.tpl.php

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I have an I deleted the breadcrumb line, and nothing.

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Thanks it worked perfectly for me too thanks very much

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I commented out the following from the drupal-7.4/theme/bartik/templates/page.tpl.php file and it removed the breadcrumb. Thanks!

if ($breadcrumb):


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... without the need to fiddle with the code of each theme.

From the project page:

Disable breadcrumbs on a per node, per content type, or by path (any path) basis; Omitting the need to write additional code in the theme layer (template.php file etc..) to determine the visibilty of breadcrumbs on specific pages. This can be administered on node edit forms and from the content administration page (node operations) to select/unselect multiple nodes for enabled types.

Try : Disable Breadcrumbs