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Events is a distribution aimed to help in organizing various conferences, camps, clubs and events in general (hence the name, Events!). It could be used for various Drupal events like Cons and BarCamps but is not limited to Drupal or IT events, you may use it wherever you may find it usable.

Events builds on Panopoly foundation and while initially inspired by COD distribution, it took different route and is hoping to make it easier for site builders and users while keeping all the functionality and improving where UX could be better.

As a Panopoly child, Events inherited all the nice things that Panopoly brought into game such as being responsive-friendly and offering flexibility and layout options based on Panels philosophy.

Events is ready to be used out of the box, you just download it and use as any other distribution. If you are not too familiar, just continue to next section where we will present installation procedure (assuming some familiarity with basic Drupal installation procedure) and options you have at the beginning.

Events is fresh new distribution so if you have questions or see some bugs, feel free to post an issue on Events project page. Use comments on these documentation pages in case you have some specific solutions or instructions for less known options. Everything that is universal enough will be included or considered for more detailed explanation.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.