I want to create a custom node type with many fields but I dont want the title. By default, drupal makes it mandatory to enter a title for any node. How do I change this and make the title optional (and how do I remove title field for a particular node type)? please help me.



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just take your current node.tpl.php and copy and rename it to node-[nodename].tpl.php ie. node-forum.tpl.php

then remove the <?php print $title ?> from the file.

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Thanks for answering, but i would like to make it clear that this is not my need. The solution you gave only disables the title field from being displayed, but still the title is necessary to create that kind of node.

My need is,
1. i want to create a node (a custom node, call it xyz).
2. when i create a xyz node, i should be able to submit it without entering a title in the title field.
3. optionally, i want to create a content type which DOESNT have the title field in it.

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I tried to follow your instructions for a custom content type called

copied and renamed the file to


removed print $title and it didn't seem to make any difference...

Is it perhaps because I'm using 4.7. Is there anything else I can try?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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Hello Tosho,

I am not sure if this will fit your needs, as I don't know if you really want to get rid of the title-field at all, or simply don't want to be bothered with entering anything in the field. In the latter case you might want to give the Automatic Nodetitles module a try. This module can hide the title field (for configured node types) and automatically generate text for it when you create the page. Maybe it even works with "generating" an empty title field?


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Thanks GREOENM. I am exactly looking for that. I want the title to filled automatically like in Comment section and having not found a soultion for that I just want to get rid of the title as such. Your solution is cool. I gonna try it.

Just out of curisiosity, isn't there anyway where I can get rid of the title altogether>
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Tosho Freny,
Reading why marriages fail? and Sex and the Osho at http://www.belovedosho.com/

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Hi Tosho,

I am not aware of a way of getting rid of the title altogether. But maybe there is one... I am working with Drupal for 6 months now, so I haven't seen all corners of this universe yet.


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Try this module, sounds like it could help: http://drupal.org/project/auto_nodetitle