A new book that teaches users how to create themes for Drupal websites has been published by Packt Publishing. Written by prominent open source and Content Management expert Ric Shreves, ‘Drupal 5 Themes’ helps readers create striking new looks for their Drupal websites.

Creating eye-catching and professional themes for Drupal websites can be a daunting task for developers and designers. However with prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, and a dash of creativity, this book will simplify the process by explaining the Drupal theming architecture, the PHPTemplate engine, and also how to modify existing themes and build new themes from scratch.

Packt Publishing has the best price for this book right now. You can visit www.PacktPub.com and order your copy of the book.

In a move designed to demonstrate their support and to help provide a source of revenue for the project, Packt is paying the Drupal Foundation a percentage of every book sold.

People who are interested in writing a detailed review of this book can contact me at shriharshab@packtpub.com