Good morning, community,

I recently changed some very very old postings of mine (dealing with drupal 4.7 …). For various and severe reasons. Unfortunately, a couple of days later I noticed that some kind of "forum serif" re-activated the original versions. Additonally, my corresponding account has been blocked. Did you ever noticed that in this case there is absolutely no way to contact any administrator? That's worse than facebook!

So my question is: Is is a dictatorship-like oragnisation where users don't have controll over their own data? Where users don't have the right to manage (= corrcet, change, delete etc.) their own data? And if so, would this fit to such a great a open-source project? It's going to be interesting what will happen to this post (and this account, of course).

Looking forward to read your comments.

Best regards


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You can contact administrators at and file an issue.

I do know the policy on Drupal is retain posting so others can learn from them. Deleting or radically altering them is discouraged. Since I only see this post associated with your account, I can not look at the post in question.

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Thank you, nevers, for your reply. But actually I cannot file an issue (with my original account), because that account is blocked. And I don't think that a public issue queue is the right place for discussing personal data.

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It is the queue for requesting accounts be unblocked (you would need to give a good reason and be able to prove it is your account).

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Thank you again, nevets, but I can't find the quue. Can privde me a link?
But again: How can a user contact any webmaster if he/she cannot login? Only be creating a new account. That's quiet poor. Even worse, is still sending newsletters and I can't get rid off. Hopefully someoen else reads this post.

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Queue is at

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