I am new to Drupal. I found it very interesting and promising.

I managed to enable upload module, Set role to allow upload file and enable content type for uploads.
So far so good.

I just want the behavior of image attachment to be opened on another child windows, instead on parent window, when I clicked on the attachment list.

How do we do this?



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If you upload the image module and the thickbox module, you will be able to achieve the desired result. I have some demos on my site below. Or just go here:

Open a gallery, and click on a thumbnail.

You will be ablt to attach images like these to stories you create with the image module.


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Dear bmv,

Your site looks great.

Anyway my requirement does not need that "high tech" feel.
I agree on having thumbnail of images. But still I prefer when I click on an image, corresponding image will be opened on new child window.

Any idea how do we achieve this?