I added support for the HTML5 history API to update the URL when facets are clicked as well as history support so people can use the 'back' button in their browser.

NOTE: This patch needs to be applied after this one (for Facet API Pretty Paths support)



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This task is postponed

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Hi - just wondering if theres been any update on this one? I'm trying to make filter-enabled pages linkable and bookmarkable (ie RESTful), so that they can be linked to with pre-enabled filters from other content pages

The back-browsing functionality would also be nice, but not essential in my case


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+1 would be really useful to have ...
otherwise you have to open the full nodes via ajax or in a new window ...

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For a search with more than 10 facets each with lot of options the back-browsing functionality would be really important. Please!

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Seems it's important feature. I'll try to find time to do it.

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Ideally this feature would be compatible with Views ajax history or even let that module do the heavy lifting.

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Attached patch adds integration with the Views ajax history. For this patch to work correctly, you also need the patch from #2610240: Allow other modules to use their own ajax urls