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A Wysiwyg plugin that provides the UI for multi-page metatags.

Module page:

When you click on the Wysiwyg button a for will appear and you can configure:

  • Metatag - Add individual metatags to each page.
    When you click on the Wysiwyg Metatag button, a new page break will be added, a popup will be displayed and you can configure the metatags for that specific page.
  • Url - Allow you to specify the Fragment Url to an anchor on the page.
    When you click on the Wysiwyg Url button, a popup will be displayed and you can configure the Fragment Url for that specific page.

Works with

  • Metatag
  • Tokens


  • Smart Paging module
  • Wysiwyg module
  • Wysiwyg editor i.e. TinyMCE


Copy the module directory in to your Drupal: /sites/all/modules directory as usual.
Enable the Wysiwyg Smart Paging SEO module

Download a Wysiwyg editor, for example TinyMCE ( and put into the libraries folder, it will look like this:
Image: TinyMCE folder structure


Go to Configuration > Content Authoring > Wysiwyg profiles (/admin/config/content/wysiwyg)

  1. Choose TinyMCE as editor for each Text format and click Save
    Image: Wysiwyg profiles
  2. Edit each Text format, enable Smart Paging SEO under SHOWBUTTONS AND PLUGINS
  3. ***IMPORTANT*** make sure Smart Paging is not ticked
  4. Image: TinyMCE profile for Filtered HTML

Go to Configuration > Content Authoring > Text formats (/admin/config/content/formats).
Edit the text formats and make sure that the Enabled filters look like this in the picture Filter Settings

Using it

  • Create a new article (/node/add/article)
  • Insert some paragraphs
  • Click on the place you want to add the page break
  • Click on the Wysiwyg Smart Paging Seo button
  • Configure the metatags, you can use tokens too.
  • Configure the Fragment Url.
  • Save the Article

It should look like this
Image: Adding metatag and url to page breaks

Input Filters.png159.8 KB

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