OK figured I'd keep track of overall progress on one issue.

No critical feature or support requests left.
A couple of critical tasks
Most 4.7 stuff is either bumped a version or won't fix.

Critical bugs: one page + a handful
Ten pages of bugs total, of these, five are 'active'.

I'd say the bugs that are affecting the most people are:

IE7 ui issues: http://drupal.org/node/129240
Caching the taxonomy tree: http://drupal.org/node/83490
Drupal 5.5 (although it looks like problems started with 5.3): http://drupal.org/node/197895

Each of these had multiple duplicates, now pretty much all marked as such.


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This one had a few dups as well: http://drupal.org/node/199675

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Assigned: catch » merlinofchaos

Changing assignee to me only because that's an easy way for me to mark an issue so I can find it again later.

I can't tell you how awesome what you've done is, catch. You deserve about a dozen medals. I need to come up with some clever opensource way of thanking you for this.

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a beer?

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Just chiming in - witnessing catch's cleanup race on Views issue queue was - is - really impressive :-). Hats off.

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Title: Issue queue tidy up » Views 1.7

Great work catch! You rock!

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Assigned: merlinofchaos » sun

#272288: Views 1.7 pre-req #1: Write custom taxonomy form
#272289: Views 1.7 pre-req #2: Write new vocabulary fetcher
#218187: Views cache too large
- and #121390: Many CCK fields and using views causing max_allowed_packet errors with MySQL query "UPDATE cache"
#160641: Node: Body outputs entire full node body instead of Body field
#247420: SQL error when using empty text as argument default
- or #217015: Views module sends null query when building a block
- and/or #205390: Missing argument causes bad query when default is empty
#207748: SQL error when setting standard behavior for view argument to "use empty text"
#282508: 'more' link appears in block when block is exactly full
#183191: Tokens not substituted in breadcrumb
#279478: Comparison with NULL fails
#102746: RSS link on summary view using '*' instead of custom Wildcard
#231424: RSS feeds from views bypass the page cache
#250769: Adding same filter twice doesn't work
#142714: view_node.inc handlers not table alias safe
#128520: Strange behavior w/ blog views, pages titled "My blog"
#147821: Views_rss doesn't apply input filters to fulltext output
#236809: static cache views for views that can't be cached
#180776: Argument in the beginning of the URL is processed incorrectly
#226570: views filter Author is Anonymous is broken
#206934: Missing plural in new comments mark
#217777: notice: Undefined variable: ts in /www/drupal6/sites/all/modules/contrib/views/includes/admin.inc on line 73.
#217454: views_block gets called multiple times and can use static caching
#196933: Views RSS: view hook results not captured
#142347: Not all taxonomy terms showing up in exposed filter

#150094: clean up filter code to work with alias prefixes
- and #142714: view_node.inc handlers not table alias safe
#77543: using two taxonomy term names as arguments in views
#177082: Truncate node teaser/body field to custom length
#129838: Avoid prefixing temporary tables
#293068: views_handler_arg_nodetype() escapes its argument twice
#291088: Correct SQL errors in Postgresql 8
#199162: Filter 'Node: Author Name (text field)'
#263855: 'node: id' argument handling fails on str type values
#262916: Add node handler to sort by promoted to front page
#195790: Taxonomy Term distinct
#257046: Path (alias) integration
#159850: Author Role Argument
#252256: Need to ensure that using non-numeric arg for Node: ID argument handler never returns an SQL error
#201704: Breadcrumb - not replaced % mark in the title of views.
#174044: Exported views use of "array (" not up to coding standards
#193888: asort the #options for the 'Add Field, Filter, Critera' dropdown
#231796: tablesort_sql in _views_query->query() escapes characters in output of sort_handler functions causing SQL errors
#212853: Ampersand escaped twice in links to files
#209602: SQL data not sanitized in functions _views_load_view() and _views_save_view()
#198293: API cannot parse comments
#182128: Add argument handler for "Front page promoted status"
#175436: messages generated during rss feed
#167439: Checkbox data does not display properly on Windows w/Garland
#173386: Node: Has New Content filter value "New Content" not localizable
#171067: $view->menu_tab_default_parent_type not getting exported
#169709: "Is Not Equal To" for LIKE comparisions
#160381: Provide $info to views theme function
#154501: hook_views_query_substitutions should have the query available
#153924: Cached queries not available in hook_views_pre_query
#220109: Theme wizard: drupal_add_css() adds file as "module"-type

Very optional:
#188376: Node body length filter
#188368: Comment edit link field
#199366: Support Day of Month argument
#143356: Port usernode user table definitions to views_user.inc
#236264: Correct 'Comment: Link' for paged comment lists
#257575: Use block title (instead of view's name) in "Configure blocks"
#151989: Adding a range filter operator
#150808: Add a 'Node: Posted Day' argument

I'll update this list when there is something to add or remove (didn't look at PNW issues yet).
Of course, issue statuses will be updated automatically. ;)

Also, this issue is hereby the official coordination for Views 1.7.

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May I humbly recommend that you reconsider the above list for 5.x-1.8? 5.x-1.6 has a LOT of known bugs that are already fixed in 5.x-1.x-dev. If anything in the above list is a regression from 5.x-1.6, that should be critical before 5.x-1.7. Otherwise, all of this is just as broken now as it ever was, and can be fixed in the next iteration. Meanwhile, people continue to get burned with bugs in 5.x-1.6 that are already fixed. From the length of the above list (and the lack of replies in here since September) it doesn't look very promising that you're going to finish all of that anytime soon, if ever.

So, let's switch gears... let's make a realistic list of actually critical things that are broken in 5.x-1.x-dev, preferably only things that worked in 5.x-1.6 which are now broken, focus on that, and get 5.x-1.7 out with the already-huge list of fixes. Then, we can use the above list to focus efforts for 5.x-1.8. Really, you can release more often than once every two years and your users won't be upset. ;) Meanwhile, it's just a waste of everyone's time for 5.x-1.6 users to hit already fixed bugs, report them as if they're new, and have merlin say "This bug was fixed in -dev ages ago.".

p.s. Many of the issues in the above list are marked RTBC. What's the hold-up on at least committing those?

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If you look at the changelog, you'll notice that only a few bugs (leaving out minor ones) have been fixed since 5.x-1.6. Though I agree that above list is ambitious and some issues may be left for 1.8. However, Earl mentioned that he would not like to see 1.7 without the two major blocker issues being fixed. In my opinion, those could also be fixed later on - but in general I would like to cut down the list of PNR/RTBC issues a bit more for 1.7.

Yes, a bunch of issues is marked as RTBC currently - however, even those need to be reviewed carefully and may also require extended testing (ideally on existing production sites) to be sure they do not break existing sites. Also, having the above list at all is a major milestone for upcoming releases. Unfortunately, my mail to the development list asking for further patch testing did not attract much attention. I keep trying hard to schedule dedicated spare time for Views, but I cannot promise a release date for 1.7 yet (you know my other obligations).

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And I agree with dww -- getting *some* fixes out to users is better than no fixes.

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Status: Active » Needs review

Since this is a tracking issue, I'm not going to close it, but I'll put it in needs review with all the patches I've run across.

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Status: Needs review » Closed (won't fix)

At this time, only security fixes will be made to the 5.x version of Views.