Hi guys,

I am using filters for a view that i created. This view is a directory and allows people to click certain boxes to make certain results appear.

I have 3 boxes which are Any, No and Yes. Now because it's filtering to what radio boxes are ticked i can see my results but the problem is when i open my view the default box checked is No, so when you open it by default no results appear. What is want is for it to start on Any by default so that all the results appear and the filters help look through them rather than you having to find them.



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what happens if you shift-click the No button? Will that un-select it?

I don't think anything should be selected by default (but don't currently have a site with radioboxes as a view filter that I can test it on)

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It doesn't seem to. I've tried changing all the operators and selections but it always default selects No.

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Edit your filter and in that select the option you want to be selected by default. This should solve your problem.

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Hi there i don't think i can get my head around what you're saying. I have tried clicking on my filter options to see if i can set a default there, but i cannot see anything. I'll link a couple images to show you what i mean.

This is the overall view with all the filters


This is in the Accessible toilets filter. This is where i get confused about what you mean.


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here is the screenshot for your reference. This screenshot is temporary and will be deleted after 3 days.


One thing to note here is this is working in page display and not in block display.

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I've just looked at your screenshot and tried to fix it but it doesn't work. I don't know if it's something to do with the profile2 module or not.

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Hi Matt,

You're trying to get this work in page display or block display, because in block display it is not working in my drupal site as well. The example I've shown you is from page display. And select only that option which you want to set as default option, do not check any of the checkboxes below options i.e. limit list to selected items and all

I've also mentioned earlier "One thing to note here is this is working in page display and not in block display."

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Ha, my view is in use as a page but i can't seem to find how to fix it.