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MD5: 78bddf0d93f327b075ac8ecee4ea6e07
SHA-1: 8f1afbc28e5f84a2b32c091a41578e0cb0652e65
SHA-256: 879b4228b3f95376d8f83061207817fbd0faa9baaf3e3c13ec95ad7e492e155b
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MD5: 83b12e94e7c639affdb914cb5746c3a0
SHA-1: 4e5e5f065ad1b16f565c18709f60fa6d5f324866
SHA-256: 73ba0b92483cb8c8b43290788bf74c7f15dcbdfdb2f9920f3a4c7e4a5df03ee1

Release info

Created by: joachim
Created on: August 27, 2013 - 17:03
Last updated: November 11, 2013 - 08:25
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

See SA-CONTRIB-2013-071 - Flag - Cross Site Scripting

Changes since 7.x-3.0:

  • by Justin_KleinKeane, joachim: Fixed output of Flag title on admin page.
  • #2056271 by joachim: Fixed Flag pseudofields don't show in display options without a manual cache clear.
  • #1619114 (follow-up) by a.ross: Fixed error in @param documentation.
  • #1619114 by cspurk, a.ross, smartango, Shabana Blackborder: Fixed invalid session IDs causing exceptions when anonymous user no longer has a cookie.
  • by joachim: Fixed @param documentation.
  • #1689510 (follow-up) by joachim: Fixed stray character from patch.
  • #1448530 by berliner, sunnyuff: Fixed missing sample code in hook_flag_default_flags().
  • #2059967 by joachim: Fixed exported flags containing internal / automatically generated flag properties.
  • #2054927 by generalredneck: Fixed Using the 'Flag Fetch By User' rule returns the wrong result when grabbing for Anonymous users.
  • #1689510 by Shabana Blackborder | c4rl: Added 'Trim a flag' action should support 'Skip permission check' parameter.
  • #1396196 by Shabana Blackborder: Added Rules action - get flag count.
  • #1988258 by Shabana Blackborder: Added More options for Trim Flag rule.
  • #2023481 by generalredneck: Added Rules: Allow for grabbing flagged entities by user other than nodes.
  • #2059959 by joachim: Fixed 'global' property can't be defined as FALSE in hook_flag_default_flags().
  • by joachim: Fixed missing class docblocks.
  • #1925922 by dixon_: Fixed retrieval of flag_link_type_info cache producing empty flags.
  • #2021191 by bulat: Added support for LIKE and IN operators on flagging entity bundle condition in EntityFieldQuery.
  • by joachim: Fixed errors and omissions in documentation.
  • by joachim: Fixed mentions of 'node' in generic contexts.
  • #2025321 by hefox: Fixed incorrect key in Features export dependency array.