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MD5: 0ac4a62b82f9af44acb1950b9dd1ce2d
SHA-1: 745dad9e2ec7fa0100f2dd9ac329ec0e8bd1d4c3
SHA-256: a831d90b7dd85a5323630c9ac9bffd02f88b1bb73d0221d454692fa2b11ea795
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MD5: 3a45a64a49d91f6b2db1c7cd53600020
SHA-1: 635f267675127206f871084c9b29fb3263f0fd81
SHA-256: 9328ba0c06f83436e31055886df0f54a61b63445bf1ecf7200a7a7c312f4024e
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/entity_translation:^1.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: plach
Created on: 23 Jul 2013 at 17:45 UTC
Last updated: 11 May 2016 at 12:49 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

New features

#1907456: Allow bulk field updates to copy data for all translations
#1883584: Allow for link 'destination' on overview page.
#1842540: Pathauto core entity types integration

Other changes

#1937242: Use custom theme function for node translation overview
#1916738: Make it more obvious to those new to the concept of field translation that all instances of the field are translatable
#1947764: Improve bundle translatability checks (API change)
#1881872: Add an explict dependecy on Drupal core 7.15
#1865176: Implement hook_entity_translation_delete() on behalf of path module

Bug fixes

#2037789: Default to user_access access callback like drupal menu does
#1982140: Menu item is deleted when adding a third translation
#2000926: entity_translation_i18n_menu should check if entity is node before deleting menu links
#1991452: Strict warnings to testing page.
#1992588: PHP Notices on node page
#1979406: Field values for node translations not filled correctly when making a field translatable
#1969366: unsupported operand types in entity_translation.module line 951 - Unable to clear cache, run cron, etc from drush or aegir
#1970246: entity_translation_upgrade doesn't flush the entity load cache?
#1959614: Image is deleted by saving node 5 times
#1941080: Menu translation on node form is broken
#1942732: WSOD when LEFT JOIN'ing entities' translations
#1942712: Non wrapped entity passed to Rules
#1370900: Fatal Error: Cannot access empty property in /sites/all/modules/entity_translation/includes/
#1933742: Delete translation doesn't flush the entity cache
#1903024: SQL error in Views when adding an entity translation relationship that is not using the base entity of the view
#1890346: Entity language change not handled on non-translatable entities with translatable fields
#1888324: Wrong form language set when only one language is enabled and the entity has LANGUAGE_NONE language
#1888192: Field widgets hidden when no #access key is defined
#1885370: 'View' title blank on translation overview when using optional title replacement field
#1876750: Fatal error when creating an entity as an anonymous user
#1760270: Comment translation broken?
#1870236: Field translatability migration fails when translation for the entity type is disabled
#1862882: Typo fix: accross = across
#1851118: Incorrect ET Handler set in node/add form when inserting new taxonomy term


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