Acquia, Inc. today announced it has secured $7 million in a Series A financing led by North Bridge Venture Partners, with additional investment from Sigma Partners and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures. The company plans to use the capital to create value-added software and network services around the popular Drupal open source web collaboration and publishing platform. Company founders are Dries Buytaert, original creator of Drupal, and Jay Batson, previously founding CEO of open source VOIP software company Pingtel.

Details are available on the Acquia website, the official press release, Jay's blog post or Dries' blog post.

I think it's a great time to be part of the Drupal community.


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Wow, that is awesome, congrats!

1. Write CMS
2. ???
3. Profit! <-- you are here

John Forsythe
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No, its rather:

1. Receive financing for new company
2. ???
3. Profit

Its just the beginning :)

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Great ! I hope this will affect positively the community. At least bring in some people with the publicity.

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Hi Dries,

Congratulations on your starting capital for your firm!
My newyears wish is that this will benefit this great open source project drupal a lot.
I think Drupal is a great CMS, the Drupallers are great, well supporting and always there for quality conversations.
In short they have the hart on the right place. I am honored to be part of the club and try my best to answer some questions I can as non-programmer.

I wish you (Dries) and all of Drupal a great year ending. And good luck with starting up your firm.


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Congrats Dries, this sounds like a Very Good news for all of us!

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This financial boost only adds to the already well known fact the Drupal is rapidly becomming a 'big stick' in the area of CMS. Congrats Dries!

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Congratulations to Acquia, it will be interesting to learn more regarding the details of their value added services.

OT: The description of Drupal as a "open source web collaboration and publishing platform" is super interesting given the discussions going on at and

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For an outsiders view of this go to:



it's not hardware, it's not software, it's headware

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When you first announced Acquia I was like "Hmmm, seems like an odd move." Now it's all crystal clear. Congratulations. I'm glad to see your hard work paying off.


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congrats dries!

-- Sree --
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Congrats Dries.

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Great news. Congratulations.
Hopefully this will be beneficial for Drupal community in whole.

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I wish you continued success. Thanks again for all your contributions and for bringing us Drupal.

And of course the most important question that has been on everyone's mind lately is......drum roll please...

Amid all the activity you now have what with the start-up, VC funding, starting a family, finishing up your Ph.D...will you still have time to make your Drupal anniversary baked goodies come January 14th? ;)

Happy holidays to you and Karlijn.

Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)
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Congrats Dries,

also congrats Hojasty to become first employe of Acquia
Best Luck.

Kuldip Gohil

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I wish you continued success. Thanks again for all your contributions and for bringing us Drupal.

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I ‘m very happy, when I saw the facts of Drupal strengthening in the global CMS market. Even more I pleased, when I saw strengthening of Drupal community. In my opinion, the attraction of this investment is a huge step forward both for Drupal system, and for all Drupal community.

My congratulations and wishes of the future victories to Acquia, Inc. (Dries Buytaert, Jay Batson: and for you too, guys)!

Anton A. Parhomenko
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are North Bridge Venture Partners, fantastic news. I'm quite new to drupal (only a couple of weeks), but even after
such a short time and having looked at a bunch of other CMS's I think drupal is going to be the 'd' in lampd, it won't
be long and you'll be installing it right after apache. For years I've been hand coding all my websites, now I'll be
building on top of drupal.

Congratulations, one very happy user and let's see what the future will bring !

Jacques Mattheij

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Great work guys.

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I guess Dries and Co really deserve this. You guys have worked really hard. Congratulations !

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7 M is really cool.
How long will that amount last for your research?