On the web, today, commenting on users is essential. "The Wall" on facebook is a web phenomenon and it's become a crucial part of what's expected on a community driven site.

Bio has taken a good step forward in allowing us to create user profiles as nodes...however, I would argue that the only reason that bio module is usable (more so than nodeprofile, etc) is that it seamlessly takes over core's user profile screen...allowing you to function very cleanly within the drupal user system.

The problem is...the core /user pages aren't nodes themselves, therefore they don't allow you to print the $links variable...thereby not allowing comments on bio nodes (ie users) when they take over the /user pages.

Talking with jjeff on irc, way back when, he was aware of this, and you'll see that in the new version of bio $links have been purposely removed.

This post is a call to somehow make comments/$links available on the /user pages which bio takes over. Bio node is extremely powerful because it makes profiles nodes and allows you to take over the user profile pages...but if you want comments, you can't use both of these awesome features.

I'd say getting this to work would be a huge improvement for bio.


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This may not be an ideal solution since it requires you to add two more modules, but you can do this with advanced profile.


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Rob Feature brought this up on IRC. Just subscribing so I can take a look when time permits.

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found it!

on line 267 of bio.module

change this:
node_view($node, FALSE, TRUE, TRUE)

to this:

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@justin3 - I tried this. But, it's not so simple. This is not going through the normal page rendering system. It's rendering the node and displaying that in place of the profile. But, there is nothing rendering the comments that follow the node. Changing that one line doesn't work. At least when I tried. This is one solution that needs to be tested.

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works fine for me.... I have bio module settings = take over user page

could that be the difference?

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I'll have to go back and take a look at this. It would be a nice feature to have out of the box.

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It doesn't work for me, no matter whether I set bio take over user page.

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Version: 5.x-1.1 » 5.x-1.2

#3 fix works for me on Bio version 1.2.

Should this be a single line change patch, or should we create an option to control the comments?

If we make the change - previously bio.module installs might suddenly have comments appearing.
But, to add another layer of comment display control that is unnecessary also seems undesirable.


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Just tried this fix and it does not work for me...

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Ok so i did some further testing and the fix from #3 now works for me,

It seems that i was overriding the comments in my template as if the bio was like a normal node, but instead the bio node is just displayed inside one of the

's on the user profile page,

Could we make the profile page display as if it was a plain node instead of just included inside the profile? even when i tick 'takeover profile' it is still sent to the theme in this way...