Hi All,

Wonderful theme! Absolutely lovely theme that I'm so glad you uploaded for the community!

This theme really needs to be updated to use views instead of PHP blocks manually coded. I know that Views can pump out some nasty code, but doing this any other way makes it a maintenance nightmare.

Please feel free to PM if you need assistance with this.


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I think for the theme maintainers it would likely be much more work to do it this way and the theme would then require Views.

It is relatively straight forward for the user to build Views to replace any of the PHP blocks. Perhaps this could be mentioned somewhere as it may not be obvious to beginner users.

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Issue summary: View changes

I would be nice to get some guidence on how to create a portfolio page using views.

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Hi! This is my first time participating in the Drupal forums and things, so please excuse my nube-ness.

I created a view to automatically populate the portfolio display page instead of having to manually code each list item. I hope this helps!

Requires modules:
-Image URL Formatter

Here was my process and code:
Step one: create a content type called "portfolio item" with a title, image, body and taxonomy category(mine is called "portfolio category").
Step two: create a view. For the view, you want to load your portfolio content type fields into the view and sent them all as Exclude from Display. Then you want to create a Global Custom Text Field, that uses the replacement patterns for each of those fields in order to format and display the content with the style settings of Simple Corp's portfolio CSS. My View settings are shown below:

HTML List | Settings: Row class: "item [Your_Replacement_Pattern_For_Taxonomy_Category]"; List type: "unordered list"; Wrapper class:"portfolio-container"; List class:"portfolio-items clearfix"

Fields | Settings: uncheck everything

- Content Title | Settings: uncheck "create a label"; check: "Exclude from Display" and "Link this field to the original piece of content"
- Content: Portfolio Category | Settings: uncheck "create a label"; check:"Exclude from Display"; Formatter: Plain Text
- Content: Portfolio Image | uncheck"create a label"; check:"Exclude from display"; Formatter: Image; Image style: your preference; Link image to: Nothing; Under "Style Settings", check "Customize field HTML", set HTML Element to "Use Default", check "Create CSS class" and use class "portfolio-img"
- Portfolio image as an Image URL| settings: uncheck:"create a label"; check"Exclude from Display"; Formatter:"Image Url"; URL type:"Absolute File Path"; Image style: "none"; Link image url to: "Nothing". Under "Rewrite results" check the box that says "Strip HTML tags"
- Global custom text field | Uncheck "Create a label"; ***Text should use the replacement patterns from your view.*** My text is:

<div class="portfolio-item ">
<div class="item-content">
<div class="link-holder">
<div class="portfolio-item-holder">
<div class="portfolio-item-hover-content">
<a href="[Your_Image_URL_Replacement_Pattern]" rel="prettyPhoto" class="zoom">View Image</a>
<div class="hover-options"></div>
<div class="description">

Filter Criteria:
Content: Published (Yes)
Content: Type (= Portfolio Item)


You can see it live at hollismurphy.com/aikenphoto/portfolio-view
I've also attached a screenshot of the view if that helps. Screenshot
There are still some style settings like image height, etc. that I need to finalize. but I thought this view might help other users wanting to automate their portfolio pages.


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Hiya! This is great and just what I was looking for!

I've done it all and it seems to be working except for the display... then I re-read your post and I missed one thing:

The field 'LI container' on the fields list of the view - is that to do with the display? If so, that could be the problem I'm having?

The other question would be - how would you display the categories at the top like on the original template? Can this be done by creating a block with that code and then added to the view? Not sure how to approach this one!

Thank you ever so much! You made my day as I'm doing this site for a friend who is an artist for nothing and really didn't want to bang my head against the wall too much!

Thank you!

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I am having problems following your instructions.
1. After one makes the view, how and where do you insert it into the php?
2. I installed ImageURL, but have no portfolio image link field. Where does this come from
3. I too have no LI container
4. Where do I get the replacement patterns from my view?

On a higher level, I have different event types in a taxonomy: concert, chamber, coffee concert, education. I would like to make the bottom portfolio items display the next upcoming event of each type. How is this done?