Checked video_embed_field admin config screens and see some settings per field but don't see an option to turn on Vimeo API:
Looks like to enable Vimeo API from embed URL, just need to tack on ?api=1. I am able in video_embed_field.handlers.inc:56 to add it like

    'defaults' => array(
      'width' => '640px',
      'api' => 1,

but it doesn't seem to show in html output under <iframe src=".."... but does render in flashvars below that in html rendered source.

Is there a more configury method of going out it other than editing module code? If that's the way to go about it, would you accept a patch to provide it as an option?



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Ok even worse, I can get closer by including $values[] = 'api=1'; in video_embed_field.module:480 in _video_embed_code_get_settings_str() as:

  $values[] = 'api=1';
  return implode('&amp;', $values);

to definitely include &api=1 in the vimeo video fetcher url and activate its API.

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 * Implements hook_video_embed_field_handlers_alter().
function MYMODULE_video_embed_field_handlers_alter(&$handlers) {

  $handlers['vimeo']['function'] = 'MYMODULE_handle_vimeo';

 * Wrapper function to allow forcing API to be enabled for Vimeo videos.
function MYMODULE_handle_vimeo($url, $settings) {

  $settings['api'] = 1;

  return video_embed_field_handle_vimeo($url, $settings);

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Code example in previous comment explains how to implement it, so marking as fixed for now.


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