I sell digital and physical products globally. I setup a flat-rate rule to add incremental shipping costs to an order based on the number of products on the order using this very helpful post: http://drupal.org/node/1415638#comment-5520628. Unfortunately, if a customer has both physical and digital (i.e. non-shippable) products on their order, they are charged shipping for each item, including all the digital products.

I need to create a flat rate rule to add incremental shipping costs ONLY for the physical products on the order (i.e. certain product types). None of the examples I've found in this project's issue queue or any of the tutorials at commerceguys.com even come close to solving this issue for the flat rate shipping module. Does anyone have a solution, an idea, or a general strategy I could pursue to make this happen? Or is my only choice to use modules like USPS or UPS? Would that even work?


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I'd recommend having the shipping based on weight.

Make the digital products have 0 (zero) weight. Then define a shipping rate based on a lbs, quarts, what ever and then define a base weight for each item.

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Thanks but I ended up using the USPS shipping module which basically does what you're suggesting.