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This module allows you to define any number of flat rate shipping services via the user interface in conjunction with Commerce Shipping 2.x. When you define a new flat rate service, you specify the base rate for it in the add / edit form. You can further modify the base rate (enabling things like weight or quantity based shipping) using rate calculation rules.

This is functionally equivalent to using product pricing rules to add discounts or fees to base product prices before adding them to the cart.


This module depends on Commerce Shipping 2.x.


To create new flat rate services, browse to Administration > Store > Configuration > Shipping. If Flat Rate is the only shipping method module enabled, the first page will show you a table of all the flat rate services (if any) defined on your site. Click the Add a flat rate service to create a new flat rate service, like "Standard shipping", "Expedited shipping", "Free shipping", etc.

When you add a flat rate service, you have to specify its Base rate. This is the base price used for the shipping service when the Shipping module calculates flat rate services during checkout. You can further manipulate the rate using Rules by adding them to the Calculating a shipping rate event through Administration > Store > Configuration > Shipping. These rate calculation rules function like product pricing rules, allowing you to apply taxes, discounts, and fees to shipping rates.

All flat rate services will be enabled for selection on the checkout form by default. If you want to limit when a particular service is available, use its configure component link and add the necessary conditions in the Rules interface. Additionally, if you add a rate calculation rule that uses the Set a data value condition to set the commerce-line-item:commerce-unit-price:amount variable to NULL (i.e. no value), the shipping service will not be available for selection during checkout.

For an example on how to use Rules to implement a flat rate that is incremented based on the count of products on the order, see this example demonstrating a $10 flat rate + $4 per product scenario.

Upgrading from Commerce Shipping 1.x / Commerce Shipping Flat Rate

Instructions to upgrade from Commerce Shipping 1.x to 2.x can be found in the release notes for the 2.0 release. To migrate rules from Commerce Shipping Flat Rate (the 1.x module) to this module (designed for Commerce Shipping 2.x), there is a patch in development that we would love you to review.

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