One good feature from page_title module was the character count on the characters entered into the field - any chance this can be implemented into meta_tag, it certainly helps when targeting the 70 character sweet spot for SEO purpose.

#10 character_count_on_fields-1918738-9.patch839 bytesJeroenT
#7 character_count_on_fields-1918738-7.patch821 bytesJeroenT
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Title: Character Count on Page Title » Character count on fields
Version: 7.x-1.0-beta4 » 7.x-1.x-dev
Component: Miscellaneous » User interface

Lets make this a general task of displaying the character count on all fields.

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There are modules out there already like and I would suggest we make it possible to integrate with these modules, but not do anything too much on our own.

If not possible with another module, then allowing an external library to optionally integrate would be nice as well:

Also this needs to account for tokens which could result in any number of characters. So it would be easy to be confusing for users since a string like 'Test title for [node:title]' while displayed as 27 characters, could easily be way more than that in reality.

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May I ask whether there has been any integration with cck_count or maxlength modules?

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Priority: Normal » Minor

Reducing this to Minor priority as it's not something I'm going to do for 1.0.

That said, if someone wants to put together a patch that integrates with another module, I'll definitely consider it :)

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Status: Active » Postponed
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I have a question about form alter. I'm trying to add maxlength js to the description field using form alter. But no matter what form id I use it doesn't show description or abstract (only title). Is there another way of doing it?

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Status: Postponed » Needs review
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I created a patch that adds this behaviour. I used the maxlength module for this.

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

I'm not going to apply this as-is, but I think Maxlength would be a great module to support, if they add character count support in the API (#2329441: Unlimited field, just a character count).

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That was also the part I didn't like. I'll try to provide a patch on the issue of the Maxlength module.

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Created a new patch. After installing patch #2 in #2329441: Unlimited field, just a character count this worked for me.

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@JeroenT: I don't want to add a max count on fields that don't need it or have questionable standards (e.g. "description" has value up through ~300 characters), but I would like to try enabling MaxLength's character count on all text fields.

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Hi, this patch combined with the maxlength one works fine. Thanks!

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Added related isue

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I agree--I think hard coding a restriction to 150 characters is too restrictive. Would it be possible to make the value configurable?

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Any character counts should be tied to the functionality that will be added in #2309017: Automatically trim meta tag lengths (D7).

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Status: Needs work » Postponed
Related issues: +#2329441: Unlimited field, just a character count

Lets see if #2329441: Unlimited field, just a character count is committed first, then we can use it.