Release info

Created by: Jorrit
Created on: January 22, 2013 - 06:48
Last updated: January 14, 2015 - 21:55
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Since 7.x-2.8:

Security fixes: 1

Backwards incompatible changes: 0

Bug fixes: 8

Enhancements: 4

New features: 2

Documentation changes: 1

Other changes: 0

General remarks

When you intend to use FFmpeg to transcode videos, make sure your FFmpeg installation handles all the file formats before installing the module. Linux distributions using precompiled binaries, such as Ubuntu, usually do not provide the best compile options and it is advised to compile FFmpeg yourself.

The following guides will help you to get a good FFmpeg installation:

  • Ubuntu: FFmpeg compilation guide
  • Ubuntu: guide to enhance your FFmpeg installation using precompiled packages
  • Gentoo: make sure to setup the right USE flags before installing
  • Windows: Windows packages

List of changes

Security fixes since 7.x-2.8:

SA-CONTRIB-2013-006 - Arbitrary Code Execution

Backwards incompatible changes since 7.x-2.8:


Bug fixes since 7.x-2.8:

  1. #1872614 by Jorrit: Fixed error "Recoverable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to file_delete() must be an instance of stdClass"
  2. #1635432 by Jorrit: Fixed grey thumbnails when using FFmpeg
  3. #1850356 by Jorrit: Fixed default thumbnail setting when no transcoder is selected.
  4. #1853688 by Jorrit: Fixed error in Presets tab when no presets are available.
  5. #1851540 by jpstrikesback, Jorrit: Fixed incompatibility with Entity Cache by using file_save() instead of drupal_write_record().
  6. #1468594 by osopolar: Fixed old files not being deleted from the file system when a video is reconverted.
  7. #1793860 by Jorrit: Fixed cryptic errors when no presets are enabled.
  8. Clear the Entity Controller cache and the Drupal page cache when a video is updated.

Enhancements since 7.x-2.8:

  1. #1542182 by Jorrit: Added a page with FFmpeg debug information.
  2. #1827606 by Jorrit: Added option to use private S3 files to the Advanced Zencoder options.
  3. #1796112 by Jorrit: Added option to select the JW Player preset on the Players tab.
  4. #1797174 by dlumberg: Added views join from the video_queue table to the file_managed table.

New features since 7.x-2.8:

  1. #1871992 by 30equals: Added the Zencoder system status to the Zencoder settings panel.
  2. #1788680 by Jorrit: Added compatibility with the "FileField Role Limit" module.

Documentation changes since 7.x-2.8:

  1. #1822206 by burningdog: Added explanation to Zencoder settings panel to indicate that the Zencoder output destination is just temporary.

Other changes since 7.x-2.8:


Known errors


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