I've seen this module http://drupal.org/project/personality-test. However, I am already using quiz for other parts of my site, so I would prefer using quiz for personality type quiz.

20 questions. Some questions should score on one personality type. When the quiz ends, it should be able to tell how high the score is for each personality type.


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I'd really like a Personality quiz too and feel that it could be designed fairly simply by modifying the existing Quiz.

Most personality quiz questions are multi-choice, so you could specify that it only works with multi-choice questions, then in advanced options, where it says:

Score if chosen:
Score if not chosen:

Change this to:

Type 1 - Score if chosen:
Type 1 - Score if not chosen:

Type 2 - Score if chosen:
Type 2 - Score if not chosen:

Type 3 - Score if chosen:
Type 3 - Score if not chosen:

You can then assign a separate score to each Personality Type (1, 2 and 3 in this example).

At the end, simply compare the scores for different personality types and show the Result field based on the Personality Type with the highest total score.

I would imagine that this would be the simplest way to modify the existing Quiz module to create a Personality Quiz instead.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Are you sure this isn't already working?

Each quiz has a "result feedback" section where you enter the percentage range, and then the feedback to show. Using that, you can show different feedback based on the ending percentage of the Quiz.

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Status: Closed (works as designed) » Active

I cannot seem to find a way to score on four different roles so i can see the score for each role afterwards.

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This seems to be a request for having more than one potential score for each choice.

For example:

Question 1
choice 1 - 5 points
choice 2 - 10 points

choice 1 - 5 points
choice 2 - 10 points

choice 1 - 10 points
choice 2 - 5 points

Question 2
choice 1 - 0 points
choice 2 - 5 points

choice 1 - 5 points
choice 2 - 0 points

choice 1 - 10 points
choice 2 - 10 points

The goal is to see how many points you get for Blue, Green and Yellow. If Blue is the the highest, then you are personality type "Blue."

Is that correct?

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Doesn't look like there's been much activity on this front, but I am looking for this functionality as well. It looks as though #1 and #3 are pretty similar, with a slightly different approach but the same end data set. Has anyone successfully implemented this in a patch or another module?

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Version: 7.x-4.0-alpha9 » 7.x-5.x-dev

As "7.x-5.x is a huge refactor" and one of the features promoted at the project page is "OO support for all Quiz components" is this now possible to implement in 7.x-5.x? If so, I would appreciate feedback (from the maintainers) how to achieve this. It might be based on the questions result feedback (result options).

Will fixing #2386103: Decouple quiz result/scoring help to move this forward?

I also tried the Personality Test module, but there are no advantages in that compared to Quiz, and Quiz seems to be more active developed than Personality Test module.

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This is one of those things where it's possible but nobody has had a lot of motivation to do it yet. Quiz is definitely geared towards graded exams where correctness is needed however I believe the API and feedback system are flexible enough to handle it.

Me personally I have not had a need to do a very complex one but it is somewhat possible with a very simple one (sorry if you have already tried this), for example:

MCQ 1 (4pts)
a. Hot 4pt
b. Warm 3pt
c. Cold 2pt
d. Freezing 1pt

MCQ 2 (4pts)
a. Sun 4pt
b. Stove 3pt
c. Fridge 2pt
d. Freezer 1pt

MCQ 3 (4pts)
a. 3000 4pt
b. 400 3pt
c. 32 2pt
d. 0 1pt

So at the end of the quiz you have some value out of 12 points, and that rates your temperature personality. Then based on Quiz feedback ranges you can show feedback from 0-25% 25-50% 50-75% 75-100%. My guess is this is what that personality quiz module does since it mentions using grade ranges. With the recent quiz changes you now have the option to display *only* the overall Quiz feedback so the only feedback the user would see would be the grade range feedback you put in (and none of the per-question feedback). This was a huge change from 4.x where the feedback visibility was not as granular.

What @ezraw said above is the better solution because then you can say "you are 66% cold, 0% normal and 33% hot" but maybe this won't be a MCQ, and instead maybe a question that extends (in the OO sense) an MCQ. And as mentioned above by @lsolesen this also might be useful in category-based (roles) grading where a question counts differently in different categories.

That related quiz feedback ticket will help because it will make it easier to override the Quiz feedback pages in the case of a personality quiz where the feedback might be different than a typical exam.

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Thanks for answering, it seems that the client will be fine with this way. Is it possible to use absolute scores instead of percentages for quiz feedback?

EDIT: Anyway, I switched to Personality Tests module, as Quiz 7.x-5.x doesn't yet feel ready for production, and as personality tests for anonymous user (both edge cases in quiz module) is my only use case, quiz seems to be overkill - as stated before: Quiz is definitely geared towards graded exams where correctness is needed.

There is also a Ticket for the use-case described in #4: #1794090: Option: Most Matched results. It is not yet implemented, but as the module is very lightweight it shouldn't be that hard.

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+1 for "personality" type quiz content.