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MD5: e881931a5e0fea9ff844385c80743a54
SHA-1: 17f5648e7704391ed7f88bcd0ea309cfef5f330c
SHA-256: cc64664ef836f9ce3eb4182d82a4115eb1b3b9ad628f68e5aec3fef9b22c8b82
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MD5: 4cd42a307fa7e88cc8201ada9eddb12f
SHA-1: 60a7abd993f692807f9f69d832a7fdd5eca3c715
SHA-256: 91cba5e64289ca8a8e56c984582d29d1be9e7666332e459294b9197b2f18fe63

Release info

Created by: fago
Created on: December 25, 2012 - 22:47
Last updated: March 13, 2014 - 17:18
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.0-beta4:

  • #1852474 by Jerenus: Removed an extra semicolon.
  • #1340354 by mrfelton, rocketeerbkw | TimG1: Disable redirect module for field collection items.
  • Follow-up for issue #1776424: Added update routine for removing orphaned field collection item entities.
  • #1776424: Removed field collections are never deleted.
  • #1031010 by fago, Kristen Pol, tedbow, tim.plunkett, wizonesolutions, stevector: Support revisions for field collections.
  • #1239946 by droath, fago, neddstark, jox, tim.plunkett: added option to hide blank items for multi-valued field collections using the embedded widget and enabled it by default. This circumvents problems with required fields and undesired saving of the blank items if default values are configured.
  • Follow-up for Issue #1239946: Avoid empty div to appear when adding a new item using the embedded widget and a field collection field is required.
  • added some API docs based upon the entity API documentation templates
  • #1614578 by theunraveler, fago | John Pitcairn: Allow other modules to determine if collection item is empty, avoid saving empty item or rendering empty collection.
  • #1545584 by blueminds | tyx: Fixed Problem when using Image field with field collection.
  • Revert "Issue #1329856 by blainelang, Morpheus80ta, jec006, serbanbjd: Only run validation when the form is actually submitted."
  • #1239946: fixed field-collection default values to be specified at fields part of the collection only, thus removed the addition default-value form for the embedded widget.
  • #1269750 by bradjones1, ygerasimov, pwaterz, danmuzyka, mr.york, David_Rothstein, marvil07, eroepken | mErilainen: Fixed Exporting a Field Collection field with a default value to Features leads to a PHP parse error.
  • #1329856 by blainelang, Morpheus80ta, jec006, serbanbjd: Only run validation when the form is actually submitted.