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SHA-256: 57d85069b32967264338760bdf8354dcd9d35977a7f4077c8aa0fcf320ceaa2a
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MD5: d5bda8211d76af27fb75492653acbdcb
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SHA-256: 4f1adb7961af97e2f09b4daec8499f222572391eeaec2c23aa494b10dfb78a5a
Download commerce_kickstart-7.x-2.0.zipzip 5.91 MB
MD5: c3b1bcec3aad93db33838ff85d0d0177
SHA-1: af973f84dc4a8f45202085f0bcef023acd49326b
SHA-256: d11fc1e2ced0fb0caa8a7bc078921a209f29716b5d503987c87f46a0cd936c2a

Release info

Created by: jsacksick
Created on: 20 Dec 2012 at 10:54 UTC
Last updated: 20 Dec 2012 at 14:32 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Major changes since 7.x-2.0-rc4:
- Contains Drupal 7.18 and latest contrib modules (Inline Entity Form 1.0 and others)
- Created the Commerce Message contrib module.
- Updated demo content for blog posts.
- Removed blog and merchandising demo content from Kickstart installations without the demo store.
- Add to cart confirmation is now optimized for other themes, RTL.
- Many small improvements

Changes since 7.x-2.0-rc4:

  • Update Drupal core to 7.18
  • Don't index NULL values (Add a patch to search_api_db).
  • Add a patch to link to fix the link field migration.
  • Don't register blog and ad push migrations for no demo stores.
  • Use image_delta_formatter rc1.
  • Translate the blog posts for non-latin speakers...
  • Allow blogposts to be migrated as full html.
  • Enable commerce_message in a hook_update.
  • #1839286 by bojanz, vasike: Update 7205 is prone to timeouts.
  • Switch commerce_discount to the -dev version.
  • Update Commerce Checkout Redirect.
  • #1865776 by alexp999: Add a clearfix to the products collection view.
  • #1864942 by joshmiller, jsacksick: Obvious Defaults for new product variation types.
  • #1836314 by Lsolesen, jsacksick: Link the product display title to content.
  • Update shiny, omega_kickstart, inline_entity_form, views_megarow, commerce_search_api, commerce_message, commerce_add_to_cart_confirmation.
  • #1860774: Show username on user profile pages if the full name is not yet known.
  • #1860610 by tgeller: Fixed Sample content on blog post should be Lorem Ipsum.
  • #1835922: Set default allowed number of product variations to Unlimited (currently: 1) on 'no demo store'.
  • Update theming for admin toolbar.
  • Add classes to toolbar megamenu links.
  • #1834456 by bojanz, vasike, jsacksick: Disable Kickstart Update.
  • #1848272 by vasike : Main content disappears when set as front page.
  • Fix the missing / for template paths in the Kickstart Product UI
  • #1851884 by vasike : Fix the Order confirmation message required by the changes in the Message notify module.
  • #1832234 by zmove, vasike: Allow commerce-line-item-summary.tpl.php to be overriden from theme.
  • #1843796 by dotline, vasike: Fix the won't change for the Proce with Prefix / Suffix, Show calculated price setting.
  • #1863250 by akosipax, vasike: Fix Reseting the password on checkout, update the Commerce Checkout Redirect patch.
  • #1679182 by lsolesen, GuGuss, candelas, vasike : Change All products menu item weight to 50, it should be in the -50:50 range.
  • #1630110 by kotnik, amontero, tedbow, jsacksick: Remove core patch specific to Kickstart.
  • #1790258 by idflood: Fixed Wrong templates path on user page if overridden in theme (user-profile-category.tpl.php).
  • #1847492 by leex, vasike : Cleanup extra HTML for User register form in the Commerce Kickstart module.
  • Add image link to content on product list view mode on no demo.
  • Update Crumbs, Views Bulk Operations.
  • #1848272 by rfamans, jsacksick, bojanz, Summit, vasike : Use hook_views_pre_render for adding bxSlider library for the HP Slideshow, to get working no matter where it is used.
  • Update add to cart confirmation theming.
  • Update css for add to cart confirmation.
  • Update Migrate, Migrate Extras to 2.5, Commerce Migrate to 1.1 and adapt the Kicktart migrations to the new class registration.
  • Update Entity reference to 1.0 release.
  • #1847776 by cicampemu, jsacksick: Fix Undefined index: label in commerce_kickstart_product_ui_field_create_instance().
  • #1840650 by jsacksick: fix breadcrumb paths.
  • #1843338, 1845998 by loko, dberror, elax, vasike : Allow changes for the Search Facet API Blocks.
  • #1841556 by jsacksick: Fix page not found on product page by upgrading cloud zoom.
  • #1826860 by zmove, GiorgosK, bojanz, vasike: Allow customize Kickstart toolbar.
  • #1834456 by rar, vasike: Remove extra close

    from node--product--type.tpl.php.

  • Update crumbs, message, message_notify, commerce_flat_rate, commerce_shipping.
  • #1834456 by stieglitz, vasike: Correct pathauto pattern for Bags & Cases.


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