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There are several ways to get involved in the community of Drupal using community media organizations. A Guide to Effective Collaboration - What Makes Community Media Drupal Work is an overview of many of the roles from Executive Director to Developer.

By adding your username to this page of documentation, you are confirming that you understand that when you are using the CMDrupal Starter Kits, you are benefiting from years of work and large financial investments made by many organizations. In return, you should be willing to follow the Guidelines for Effective Collaboration including:

  • Updating documentation on when I find issues
  • Adding issues to modules or the starter kits on
  • Helping other users who have questions someone else was kind enough to answer for me

The following people have read the guidelines and commit to supporting the collaboration that makes CMDrupal work:

Kevin Reynen (kreynen) - A Little Help Hosting
Stefan Wray (stefanwray) - channelAustin
Aric Ruble (avguy) - Portland Community Media
Emily Frazier (emilyf) - First Turn New Media
Nick Ring (bagelche) - Amherst Media
Daniel Westergren (westis) - Öppna Kanalen Växjö, Sweden
Jason Daniels (jdcreativity) - Easton Community Access Television
Sonia Thompson (soniat) - PhillyCAM
Mark Libkuman (libkuman) - Openflows
Craig Sinclair (synchlayer) - Manhattan Neighborhood Network"
Frank J. Gómez (GinkgoFJG) - Ginkgo Street Labs
Drew Frazier (dfrazier) - RETN

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.