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Short mane is: slovak_install

Slovak Drupal Installation Profile is intended for faster and easier installation of
Drupal in Slovak language. It will install the same modules as standard installation in
Drupal core  with two other modules intended for import and use of translation.

It will install the module:
- Locale (Drupal core)
It will add and install the module:
Localization Update


Compared to standard installation, the Slovak Drupal Installation Profile:

  • skips language selection – it automatically selects the Slovak language
  • imports basic Slovak translation .po file
  • in the next step, default country will be “Slovensko” and time zone “Europe/
  • updates Slovak translation to the latest version immediately from the localization
  • After installation, also the module “Localization Update” will be installed, which,
    after adding and installation of each module, will automatically import also its translation

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